FastPass+ availability accuracy?

Just how accurate is the TP FP+ availability page? My FP day is tomorrow and I keep checking FEA availability for our Epcot day…it’s dwindled a lot since yesterday and I’m getting so nervous!!!

It’s accurate in the sense that it’s checking to see if a FP is available for the ride, but it’s only checking for a party of 1. So depending on how many are in your group it may not be very accurate at all.

Having said that I booked ours at 60 days a few weeks ago and I had no trouble getting anything, including FEA.

I’m hoping I can snag that one…sooooo disappointing if I’m not able to! I’m having a mild freak out lol. And I read at the top of the page that it says all available FP+ may not be included and may not be out even if it doesn’t show available, etc…How am I going to sleep tonight?! :sweat_smile:

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I think it’s pretty good, but make a note of the time that they last updated it. So, if you see availability for your first day (60+1 days from now?), and the update time was before 7:AM EDT today, be aware that the mass of people who logged on this morning at 7 may have made some of those time unavailable.

Also, as @Outer1 said, it’s for a party of 1. A larger party might have fewer options.

At 60 days for me, FEA was gone out to day 60+4 or 60+5, but I was able to get one for a party of 4 at about day 43. So, even if tomorrow doesn’t go well, keep checking. 45 days is the deadline to cancel packages (I think), so that’s a good time to look.

At 60 days, I also had to split my party into 2 groups of 2 and get overlapping times for a few things, although since then, I’ve modified them all to be parties of 4 again. So, tomorrow is not the end if you don’t get quite what you want.

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Just try to remember you’ll be at Disney, and if you really want to ride that one there are other sound strategies in case you miss out on FPP.

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It’s actually 30 days now but the logic still applies.

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Good suggestions - I will keep this in mind, thanks! Never thought of the breaking down into 2 & 2. I will definitely keep checking back as well. I guess I should think about possibly rope dropping it if it doesn’t work out? That wasn’t part of the plan but the kids really want to ride it…and so do we, lol!

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According to the TP Checklist on the trip Dashboard, 45 days is when final payment is due for vacation packages. Maybe that’s what I was thinking of.

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That’s EXACTLY what DH just said…“we’ll be at DISNEY…there are worse things than having to wait in line” - LOL. So right. :slight_smile:

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I think maybe the dashboard needs to be updated lol. It was a fairly recent change… sometime this year I think. I just looked and it’s actual 31 days at 30 days they keep the deposit.

@len just an FYI about the checklist.

Currently working on an Epcot TP with FEA w/o FP+ to see what it tells me, just in case, lol…

Does depend what country you have booked from, and TA’s vary.

Got it. Sarah’s working on updating this. Should be very simple. Thanks!


For uk disney booked holidays it’s 8 weeks, and they keep the £200 deposit if you cancel. I got an email reminding me this week.