FastPass+ attractions missing from list?

A few days ago, I looked at the FastPass+ availability list (Epcot April 15th) and picked out what I wanted to reserve. After the refresh, I saw that Test Track, Mission: Space and Illuminations were all missing from the list. Does that mean that they have all been taken already?

Those three are all tier one attractions. In Epcot you can pick one tier I and two tier II. Did you pick Living with the Land (the other tier I choice?)

I haven’t picked any yet. I am going to pick on Wednesday, but I am concerned that those will already be gone when I log in to pick, since they didn’t show up on the TouringPlans availability list.

on the Dibb’s website it says that all those attractions still have FP availability for that day (April 15th) so you should be fine. When does your FPP selection day open up?

It opens up on Wednesday.

I’m guessing you should be good to go. Where were you looking before for availability?

I can make reservations at Epcot on Wednesday. Then I will do the HS ones on Sunday and Magic Kingdom on Tuesday. We’re staying offsite, so I can’t make them all at once.

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gotcha. I was taking a look on The Dibb and most days still have lots of FP availability for all park attractions. Good luck and you’ll be able to score all the ones you’re looking for I’m sure :relaxed:

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