FastPass+ approach for one day in MK and one day in AK

Alright, I’ve read two different strategies and I’m torn. Wondering thoughts and curious what people have experienced.

I will be in MK with 6 adults (one of whom will be four mos pregnant) and a 2 yo for a single day in January. CL 5 is the current forecast. It is the Saturday of MLK weekend. Then we’ll be in AK for a single day, Sunday that weekend. CL 7.

Anyway, when I went in June 2017 with similar crowd levels, my husband and I did one day in each of these parks as well and my approach to FPP was pretty standard: Don’t book for the hour at opening (we are a rope drop family). Then book three in a row so you can start your tap and grab. We used the refresh trick, the modify trick, and the overlapping time strategies with great success and rarely rode without a pass. I think the longest we waited for anything was 25 minutes.

That being said, now I’m traveling with 6 riding adults, occasionally 4 or 5 depending on the ride (pregnant sister obviously won’t be on Space Mountain, and dad is 6’6" so he won’t ride and doesn’t fit everything).

I ran across this blog the other day that totally threw me for a loop. Should I change by burn and churn approach? I know there isn’t one right answer, but I’m hoping people who have done larger groups can chime in.

As one final note, we will travel the park together. The family would much prefer to wait on a few people rather than split up.

I think the only park I ever book morning FPs is HS (my general rule is that I always book HS FPs because of my love of RnR and ToT). I generally book later FPs for the same reasons mentioned in the blog. I then don’t worry about the attractions I can get for my 4th plus. I think this works for me because of my touring style/plans.

Many people plan FPs the way you were planning to do them. I am sure you will here from them here! don’t think think there is any “right or wrong” way to do it.

Enjoy your planning!

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I can’t really provide any advice on the parks specifically, but in general, when I’m traveling with a group containing older adults and a pregnant person, I’m optimizing for minimal stress, minimal walking, and maximum predictability. Criss-crossing the park numerous times as dictated by day-of FP+ availability hits a lot of rides, but is it the right approach for your group? Is everyone up for that amount of walking and spontaneity?

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