Fastpass and specific week tickets

So I searched and could not find…we have 4 day tickets that can be used March 8-14, 2020…when I went to get our fastpasses this morning, it would only let me see March 8. Our planned first day in the Park is March 9.
So, I have to wait until tomorrow to begin? Once I begin, will I be able to book for the entire 4 days or do I have to do this each morning for the next 4 mornings?

If you’re staying offsite, you have to book each individual day at 30 days before. So today is 30 days before 8th, that’s why you can’t book 9th. You have to do it every day.

I was afraid of that…

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! At least it’s only 4 days.

It really is the fairest way to do things.

For on-site guests, obviously they are paying big bucks to have the advantage in booking FPs…and, giving the cost per night, it makes more sense for those with longer stays (paying even more) to have an advantage over those with shorter stays.

But the same isn’t true for offsite guests, because otherwise people would just start buying, for example, 8 day tickets instead of 4 day tickets (or whatever) just to get an advantage/jump on the FP selection if they did it 30+number of days…which means that anyone who has a later starting date at 30 days out will likely lose out on a majority of the best “scraps” leftover.

Of course, I’m not a fan of the FP system at all, but as someone who stays off site, I do believe the 30 days out for each day is the best/most fair way to do it. My one complaint revolves around the time (7:00 am). This is great for those on the east coast…but those who live out west have to wake up extremely early in order to compete.

I can appreciate that, just wish it would take into account all the days so we could do it at once…no worries!

But that’s my point…if they did that, it would make the process unfair.

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