FastPass and Rider Swap

My 60-day FPP window is next week, and I’m trying to figure out what to do about FPPs for Soarin’ and Test Track. DD3 is close to the 40" height requirement for both, but I’m not sure if she’ll gain that extra 1/2 inch before we leave in August (or if she would want to go on those rides even if she could if she could). Should I try to get FPPs for all of us (DH, DS6 and DD3, plus me),for those rides (we have multiple days at Epcot), even if she might not use them? Or should I not get her FPPs for those rides, and use Rider Swap? Thanks for any expertise!

Is there another attraction for her that you would want to use FPP for? You could do 2 for soarin or TT, and do rider swap for the other adult to get to ride with your bigger kid, and then do two for FEA or LWTL for one adult to take you DD. Personally, we like to just stick together, so unless there’s something close and obvious, like soarin and living with the land (which doesn’t really need FPP usually), I make the same FPP for all, and if someone can’t or doesn’t want to ride, someone else in our family just uses that pass to take a second turn or we just let it expire. It’s harder in Epcot for things like this because there aren’t a lot of FPP options.

I think we’ll want to stick together, too. This is our first trip to WDW, but have been to DLR before. DS6 absolutely loved Soarin’ at California Adventure, and is beyond excited for Test Track, so would it be possible to combine Rider Swap with one of the FPPs so he could go twice (once with DH and once with me)? I’m not sure.

As far as I know only one adult and your son would need a FPP, and then you could get the rider swap. I don’t think they’ve ever checked my magic band when I’ve returned with rider swap, but I’ve also always had a FPP anyway. I know that both adults and the shorty usually have to be present to get the rider swap ticket.

The time I had a son right at the border of 40", they let him on Soarin, but not TT. Put her in her tallest shoes if you want to try this :slight_smile:

Soarin is definitely the tamer of the 2 rides, so use your judgement as to whether she’s ready for TT. You could get 2 FPP for each and use rider swap if you want. or given your multiple days, you could get all the same and see how it goes, using rider swap if needed. To use rider swap, you need the smaller child with you to show to them. Then they give you a paper FP worth up to 3 riders. The people using the rider swap FP do not need their own FPP, but the people riding first do.

I don’t think TT would be fun for her, but Soarin’ would. We’ll just have to stretch her out a bit :wink: Thanks for the replies!

Just to be clear…fast pass is only needed for the first rider and kid. Not for the second parent doing rider swap?

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Correct. With fastpass or even just going through the normal line, if you bring a child that doesn’t meet the height requirement you can get a paper fastpass for 3 people. Those three people do not need anything specific. Just meet the height requirements. :slight_smile: