Fastpass and resort reservations

Does anyone know what happens if you cancel your resort reservations but you already made fastpass reservations 60 days in advance? I feel like these are linked to your ticket not your resort but just wondering if it would cancel fastpass reservations too?

I believe that if you are within 30 days of the FPP reservation they will stay associated with your MDE account. Farther out than that they will disappear. Hopefully someone with actual experience can chime in here.

I believe that there have been recent reports that one of the latest updates now has the system canceling all fast passes?

Well as far as I know, nothing will happen. The resort stay opens the window, the FPs are linked to the tickets. If you cancel a resort booking but still,have a ticket linked, the FPs remain intact.

And a certain site who have all the FP information “stickies” are still not reporting FPs being deleted. And they have the full low down of how it works; that’s where I’ve gleaned all the tricks in the book - park hopping, rolling windows for offsite, etc.

The only instance I’ve seen of FPs being deleted were over the MVMCP tickets, and the new CL extra FPs which will be deleted if you cancel.

All that said, I have never done this. And if you were to ask me whether the FPs should remain intact, I would say no! I’d be quite happy to see that loophole closed, but not seen any evidence that they have done -yet.

I thought backside of magic was now adding a resort stay right before the real stay (overlap check-in/check-out) to then book fast passes during the second stay? Why did I think this was the new strategy because if you cancelled any part with fast passes you would lose them?

I know in the past when I booked a Magic Your Way Package, If I canceled the package, all tickets would be canceled and FP’s with them. ADR’s would remain until physically canceled.

This is my understanding as well.

Furthermore, if you are within 30 days of your trip, there is no resort stay required for making FPP.

This question has been asked several times, and I have yet to hear of anyone who personally experienced cancelled FPP.

Obviously, cancelling a package, where your tickets are cancelled as well as your hotel, would cancel FPP, but I have not heard from anyone who personally had FPP cancelled in conjunction with cancelling a room only reservation.

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We were in this situation about 18 months ago. We had an on site hotel booked and had made our FPP. We ended up canceling the on site booking to stay much cheaper off property. We did not lose our FPP. But we have APs so our FPP were not tied to a package.

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Not sure I understand the question.
If the tickets were attached to the first stay, as a package, and you cancelled, then yes you would loose fastpasses.

What I left out of my reply was that if out reservation is a package, then you would loose the FPs, as @gamusicman and @DreamLaughImagine have said.

The way round that is to buy tickets separately, link them to MDE and THEN cancel the package. The FPs are then fine, you have tickets associated with your MDE profile.

No, backside of magic is adding a room only stay ( creating a split stay) to extend window and then they cancel the front part. I believe this strategy was put into place when an update started canceling all fast passes associated with a canceled room only reservation ( in this new case there is still a room). I thought this update was part of the scans to block tickets?

Oh, never heard of this. Is Backstage of the magic a company? Still struggling to see what it does, sorry! Can you spell it out please? :grinning:

I’m not sure then. Must say I haven’t heard anything about FPs being lost with a cancelled room only reservation. As long as the tickets are separate there shouldn’t be an issue, afaik.

Sorry- it is a podcast that usually has the latest info on what works and what doesn’t work. They recently reported that a CM had his MDE account locked for scanning in a FP after arriving from back stage. I believe they said a DVC member for coming in to a special EP event, using a FP without scanning in too. They seem to be adding computer scans looking for fast passes not connected to resort stays and park entrances.

I believe I heard that when you canceled your resort stay you would get a warning that your FPs will be cancelled. Although that never used to happen there are reports that maybe (I am not confident) that some people have had FPs canceled. It may be just a rumor- there seems to be a lot of them recently- but I am hoping someone that has cancelled in the last month will weigh in?

Got it now! :joy:

Those cases of people not entering the park using the tickets associated with FPs are both related to the clampdown on using multiple tickets / MDE accounts. This is what they clamped down on - and hard. Now in those particular cases, they probably weren’t actually trying to do anything untoward but got caught in the net.

The DVCer I think was a “friend” of mine. They had FPs booked on their AP, but because they were allowed to enter early for the Moonlight event, scanned in with the special hard tickets. They then tapped in for an FP with their magic band, and it flashed whatever is the warning colour. Got it sorted easily enough at GS.

And that warning about FPs being cancelled… it is now ringing a bell. Not seen reports of it actually happening though. I think I was hung up on the “work-around” to recognise it. I don’t buy it though. If it had happened I’m sure people would have posted it somewhere, and we have people here saying everything was fine.

I kind of understand the thinking behind their work-around; really they’re advocating booking a throw away room-only 1 night stay before cancelling. But it would be far easier, and cheaper, to just wait until the 30 day mark and then cancel!

It would be but they are actually booking a 5-7 day room only going to their real stay. That allows them to book fast passes in the first day at day 55? It gives a tremendous edge, especially on those short weekend trips if you are looking for FoP. Funny, I have never tried any of the “work arounds”. I think part of my fun is getting those FPs and everything else I want to do as designed.

I just did this for our Easter trip. Real dates are 3/28-4/4 and I also booked a room 3/22-28. I then made all of our FPP for 3/28-4/4 7 days early in the middle of the day when it was convenient. Of course had our choice of any ride at any time for the whole trip. I then had a few days to change plans around if needed before most people were able to book. This is the second or third time I have done this, works perfectly.

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Although it is kinda creepy the way the scans are watching accounts these days. I got an email that I forgot to make fast passes. I have some dining ADRs for February in case I decide to get away vacation week. They know…

Yes they do!

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Thank you. This is helpful information. I have MM tickets for May at AK. (SOOOO excited). I was planning on booking FP+ for a time after the MM entry. Do you know if these FP would be honored during the event or would Disney consider this as a use of another day on the park-hopper? (I have AP, but those coming with me don’t)
Thanks for any advice.