Fastpass and MVMCP

We purchased park tickets for 3 days and for 1 day we just have tickets for MVMCP. However, we were able to book FPs for all 4 days. For our MVMCP day I got 2 FPs between 4pm and 7pm before the party starts.

Did the system let me book FPs for 4 days because it counted my MVMCP tickets as park tickets?

Can I really use them?

Yes, you can book FPP for the 4:00 to 7:00 interval using your party tickets.

Will it let you do both in the same day? Can you use your regular ticket in one park and use your MVMCP ticket in MK from 4 to 7?

Yes, they are two different tickets. You cannot use a regualar multi-day ticket as two admissions to two different parks (trying to use two days in one day) but you can use a regular ticket and then enter at 4:00 on a party day if you have a party ticket and regular tickets. Can someone explain this clearer? I am doing a really bad job here!

No, you can only make 3 FPP reservations at one park on a given day, regardless of what tickets you are using.

Oh! You meant could you use two tickets to make FPP? Thanks @brklinck I completely missed that! I was thinking about going to the parks only!