Fastpass Advice

Hi! Is anyone willing to help me with some Fastpass advice? Here is one of our MK days roughly in the order I would like to do them (I’m open to order, but would generally like to stay within the same lands - ie, not backtracking if possible). Which attractions would get me the most bang for my buck if using Fastpass? I know 7 Dwarves, but which are the other two good ones to get?

February 15th - CL 2
BOG - 8am reservation
Peter Pan
7 Dwarves
Enchanted Tales with Belle
Ariel’s Grotto
Under the Sea
Mad Tea Party
Mickey’s Philharmonic
its a small world
Haunted Mansion
Big Thunder
Splash Mountain
**We also plan to see the parade this day


Will be there the same day! Following since fast passes day is fast approaching . . .

At CL2, there won’t be many long wait times at all, except 7 Dwarves, and perhaps Peter Pan. What I do is make a TP with all the things we want to do, then let the Optimizer tell me which attractions should use FPP.
Expand the Advanced Options and indicate the number of FPPs you will have:

After Optimizing, the attractions that are good candidates for FPP will be indicated as such:


I will assume that with your BOG you will not need a PP FP. I would suggest BTMRR and Splash. Even on a CL 2 day by the time you will get to those two attractions you will need a FP.

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Definitely don’t burn a FP on Peter Pan. With a BOG reservation, you’ll be able to walk right on (so long as you don’t dawdle on eating breakfast and can get out before rope drop, which is very likely). On top of that, with a FPP, I think (someone correct me if I’m wrong) you’d end up skipping the queue, which is half the fun of that ride!

Pan is also quick enough you can slip right over to Small World (right across the street) and it’s a real short walk to Mansion. So by the time you get to them, crowds shouldn’t have built up too bad yet.

If your timing is off, though, I would consider using a FP for Mansion. When I was there with low crowds, that line still was loonnnnng. But BTMRR and Small World was down at the time, so that might’ve played into it?

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Agree with Randall. From BOG hit 7DMT right away then straight to PP.
Often-unexpected long lines: ETwB and HM.
Traditionally reliable FPP picks: BTMRR and Splash.
So I think your order is pretty good, in which case I’d get FPP for HM, BTMRR and Splash.

Ah! I had everything plugged into a TP and optimized, but didn’t know about the FP option. Thanks!

Good to know! (I’m heavily suspicious of that CL 2 though. I expect it to be more like the rest of the week and be in the 4-6 range)

Yes, I’ve heard both the Peter Pan and Haunted Mansion standby lines were fun. I live in Seattle, so I’m much more familiar with Disneyland and the Haunted Mansion there does not have an interaction line, so I wanted to check it out (even if it’s long).

If I got a Fastpass for 7 Dwarves, do you think I should do Small World and Haunted Mansion right after PP? Or should I stay concentrated in Fantasyland and then make my way over there?

Do you think I could do 7DMT and then PP right away after breakfast? For what I’ve read, it seems like you have to pick one and Fastpass the other, but maybe not?

Yeah, it’s definitely possible. If you do not do any FPPs in the morning (or can’t get them), I think the order needs to be: 7Dwarves (there’ll be a line formed just outside BOG), PP/Small World, and then Mansion.

Personally, I would try and get a FPP for 7Dwarves as that just gives you a window and you won’t need to race to that ride. It’s likely that you’ll be able to do all 3 of the other rides and still be within your FPP window.

PP and Small World are practically interchangeable because they are across the street from each other, but I think Small World is a longer ride (I didn’t get to ride it when I went, so I could be wrong)? I know Pan is only a 5 minute ride or so. Any extra time will be you spending in the queue.

My schedule would be (assuming your reservation at BOG continues to be Pre Rope Drop and 7Dwarves Fast Pass):
PP/Small World (5-15 minutes)
Small World/PP (5-15 minutes)
Mansion (5-10 minutes, add another 10 minutes for queue?)

We are going in January CL3. We are in the same boat as you, and we have BOG for 8:00. I’ve done this before, so I know the drill. Finish BOG no later than 8:40. Hit 7D first, then PP, then I use our FPP for second 7D ride, 9:00-10:00 window. We will then do WTP, Ariel, Belle, HM. We always get FPP for Splash, BTM. 10-11 and 11-12.
We conquer most of what we like at MK by noon. Then we get FP for what opens up and stroll for the rest of the way.
My main point is that Splash and BTMRR, are the best bang for your buck as 2nd and 3rd choices.

I’m going to agree to all that have said do 7d and PP right after bog, be in line for 7d a decent amount of time before rope drop.

I just don’t think 7d is worth a fastpass. I know I’m in the minority with that one but for pure roller coaster, it’s just not that great, imo. The scenes are good, and the queue is fun, which adds to the whole experience, I totally get that. But, as far as roller coasters go, it really ain’t much at all. I DO, however, think that a bog pre-rd adr is easily worth getting into the park early and being able to score 3 or 4 decent rides before the masses show up, no matter which ones you prefer.

Don’t sleep on a fastpass for Enchanted Tales. I’d plug everything in, and compare expected wait times for the attractions. Mossmacl has a good point - Enchanted Tales might have a sneaky long wait time. With a cl2 in Feb, A Splash FP might be a good bet for a 4th fp?

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I made my FPP this morning for my January trip and I did 7D, Enchanted Tales, and BTMRR. I had the same debate going on in my head with Splash, Enchanted tales and PP. I decided to do PP first and then try to get Splash for a 4th FPP. I have noticed the Enchanted Tales line to become long for me in the past.

Check the time before you scan your enchanted tales FP. If the wait time is under 20 minutes you can change that FP to another attraction you want to do later and just do stand by.

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Respectful disagreement:
PP line will grow very, VERY quickly in the am and regularly reaches 45-75 minutes.
By contrast, IASW will be a walk-on pretty much all day.
So always hit PP first.


Yes, you should be fine. 7DMT is so short/fast that you’ll be in the PP line already while the tail end of the RD crowd is still just scanning their magic bands at the gate. (Assuming you go straight from BOG at around 8:45 or so).

This is all excellent advice. Thank you SO much. And…it won’t be the worse thing in the world if we have to skip 7DMT or PP because of long lines. But I hope between our early BOG reservation and preordering the food, etc, that we can take advantage of beating out rope droppers.

One last question:
The following day we are splitting our time between HS and MK. We aren’t planning on a ton of HS attractions since it was a last minute addition to our plans. Our must do list includes TSM, Star Tours, Moana, Chewbacca, Sorcerer Mickey, and Muppets 3D. I plan to send my husband to do RNR coaster and Tower of Terror by himself. If we have time we’ll see Beauty and the Beast and the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. We plan to rope drop HS and hit Toy Story first, followed by meeting Moana. (Or reverse depending on Moana’s popularity by February). At MK, we will be focusing on Adventureland and Tomorrowland (so Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Aladdin, Tiki Birds, Astro Orbiter, Buzz, Monster Inc.). Is it better to use the fastpasses at HS and try for a 4th at MK? That seems to be the conventional wisdom…but I worry that my daughter will be less willing to wait later in the day and I know Jungle Cruise and Pirates can sometimes have long waits. I also think we are less attached to the attractions at HS since we weren’t originally planning to even go and are basically going so my daughter can meet Moana. Would it be totally remiss to use the Fastpasses at MK?

ah ha. Thanks for the correction. as I said, didn’t get to ride on small world when I went, cause it was down. So that’s good info.