FastPass+ Advanced and Day of FP Options

When I book my Advanced FP do I need to book 3 Advanced FP and use those or allow them to expire before I can book a Day of FP? Will I be able to book a second Tier 1 FP (if available) at the same park once I’ve used my 3 Advance FP?

You are allowed to pre book up to 3 FPP and yes you would need to use or expire all 3 and then you can book additional same day FPP on at a time. Yes a tier 1 can be scheduled as your forth. There are some limitations about expiring at tier 2 and then booking another tier 1. I will link in a few posts you should check out.

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Yes. You should book three in advance (one tier one and two tier two for those parks that have tiers) - don’t have to, but why not?

It is my understanding that to book a day of tier one, you have to actually use one tier one and two tier twos first. However, if you let a tier two lapse without actually using it you can go ahead and book another tier two.

This thread is great. Was trying to find it to link here. Thanks for doing that!

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Thank you for the information, I’ve copied it to a document so I have it handy. Do you know if anyone has tested this recently?

Tested what part? I was booking tier 1 after first 3FPP last week if that is what you are asking about.

Excellent, I didn’t realize you did is last week. Thank you!

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