Fastpass + advance booking tier 1

If you prebook only 1 advance FP on a tier 1 ride (e.g. test track), when you have finished that ride can you start booking one at a time in the park and book a different tier 1 if it’s available?

No. In the same park, you can only have 1 tier 1 in your first 3.

If you want to hop to a different park however, you can book a tier 1 there. And a tier 1 in a third park at the same time, if you so desired. But not in the same park.


Yes I knew you could only have 1 tier one in the advance booked 3. But I was unsure if that “3” limit held once you were in the park if you had not booked them in advance. If you just bought a park ticket day of and walked in, you would be able to book one after another without that restriction (I am fully in favor of advance booking fp - no need to explain that to me. I just wondered about this little piece of it as I haven’t been there in a few years)

You’d still be able to book 3 as soon as you had your ticket, and you would still be subject to tiering rules. No difference.

I didn’t say anything about advance. The tiering rules apply to your first 3 in the same park.

You can book 2 Tier 2 and not use them. Once the window has passed on the 3rd you can book another tier 2. Your best chance will be Soarin. FEA is almost impossible to get same day.

I never realized that! Is it only after you tap in and use that first FPP that you can book 2 more in 2 separate parks?

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I believe only after you enter the first park.

That’s still really cool, if you wanted to try to hit headliners in multiple parks. So for example, i could book a morning FOP fpp, then once in AK, i could attempt to get SDD and TT for later on.

I guess the limitation is that until i actually use all 3, i can’t get a 4th FPP. But if i wanted to play some games with the system, i could watch the app for opportunities to get FPP for rides that went down and try to get anytime FPP. That would make for some interesting parkhopping if you were able to load up a few anytime for other parks while in your morning park. More work than i’d want to deal with on a family trip, but for a solo trip it could be worth trying.

FEA? Thanks

Frozen Ever After in Epcot. I’ve actually seen lots of reports of getting it same day, though it was definitely impossible on my last trip 3 years ago. Soarin will undoubtedly be easier to get though.

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Yes, I think you do need to have tapped in to the first FP.