FastPass+ 60-Day Reservations for Mixed-Property Stay

We’re planning a WDW trip where we’re staying on-property for the first half of the trip, then off-property for the second half. Will we only be able to reserve FP+ 60 days out JUST for the dates we’re staying on-property, or is there a way to reserve FP+ for the whole trip 60 days out with the on-property stay at the first half?

I think I know the answer (FP+ @ 60 days only for days with a registered on-property reservation), but it never hurts to ask, especially with the knowledge and experience represented in this group!!

My understanding is that any onsite stay, regardless of length will allow you to book FP+ for your entire ticket duration. I haven’t done it myself, but I believe it’s a loophole with a mixed stay, as long as your stay starts in the bubble, you can book FP+ for the duration.

Good luck…

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You can book for the whole of your onsite stay, including check-out day. After that it will be a rolling 60 day window; that bit is the loophole that hasn’t been closed yet.


@Nickysyme is correct. Your off site days will open one at a time as the 60 day window rolls.

Thanks, @Nickysyme and @AuntB_luvsDisney, I knew that the window would roll - true if it’s a 60-day window or a 30-day window. I just wasn’t sure if the 60-day window closed if you didn’t have an on-property reservation for those days. Good to know that it works the way it does. Let’s hope they never close this loophole!!!