Fastpass - 60 day question

It’s been a while since we’ve stay on-site so I haven’t done Fastpasses at 60 days out. Can I book my fasptasses for my entire trip on my first eligible day or can I just do that day and then have to log on each day after to reserve the rest of them in the 60 day window?

Shew! I hope that makes sense. I just confused myself while typing it! :smile:

you can do your entire trip at one time at that 60 day window - you don’t have to do it day by day

Awesome!! Thanks so much!!

Yes, in fact, that’s why you may see in this posts things like 60+1, or I’ve got FOP (Flight of Passage) at 60+3, meaning 60days mark plus 3 days. It is recommended that you start first time in the morning to book for the 60+x day (the furtherest day) and then the going backwards.