Fastpass + 30 day window

Hi All - was just able to book a last-minute trip for February, and staying offsite. Haven’t been since they’ve implemented the FP+ system, so have a question.

My 30-day window opens 1/8, and when I log onto My Disney Experience now and attempt to make a FP+ Reservation, I see a screen saying “Sorry to Interrupt” and that I need to correct something … either add a resort stay, or link theme park tickets, etc. From everything I can see, my theme park tickets are already linked.

I 100% understand that I cannot actually book my FP+ yet - since I am not staying on property. However, the TP guide to FP+ makes it sound like I should be able to see a calendar, I just wouldn’t have the option to book. I want to make sure that everything is setup correctly so that I will be able to book when the window opens.

Is this normal ? Any input on whether this screen is what’s typical for when you’re outside your 30 day window would be appreciated.

It should be completely normal. With the new date based tickets you technically don’t have tickets until the first day is in your window of booking. You will have to book one day at a time from 30 days out of each day.

awesome, thank you. Just wanted to deal with any linking issues now, rather than once the booking window opens. Greatly appreciate the prompt response.

I hate that you can’t play with the fp bookings now. Before date based tickets they didn’t know when you were going if you didn’t have a resort stay. That was a really helpful feature for me.

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If you don’t plan on doing parks on your arrival day, can you log in in day 30 simply to check that all is order before you actually need to book the next day?

Yes! But you will only see what’s available 30 days from your arrival date.

Only if the tickets are set to start by that date.

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