Fastest way to EE?

I am looking at the Animal Kingdom map, trying to figure out which route is best to get to Expedition Everest. Through Dino land or past the KRR? The map makes it look like it's just about even. I'm thinking about start of EMH, if it matters.

Thanks in advance.

I usually go through Dinoland USA because Everest is pretty close to the Theatre in the Wild, and everyone else rushes for Asia.

I agree, also it is less crowed!

The path through Dinoland past Nemo might be a little bit longer, but it is far less crowded and faster in the end.

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According to Google Maps the path from the turnstiles through "Asia" to EE is 2091.84 feet. From turnstiles through "Dinoland" to EE is 2308.88 feet. smile

I beg to differ - the path through Dinoland is 2308.82 feet... wink

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You dare question my mouse clicking skills? I demand satisfaction! Pop guns on the bridge between Asia and Dinoland at rope drop!


But which route are you going to take to get there?


Hahaha, @neilnole !! I think you responded to this same question I had on Chat a few months back. I remember thinking....why walk the extra 217 feet if you don't have to ?? Too funny.

I still haven't tried it yet....will be trekking to EE in October. smiley

I always go through Dinoland and past Nemo if EE is my first stop (which it usually is).

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I was first in line for EE after walking with purpose through Asia at RD the other day!! Folks immediately behind me had come that way, too.

I usually get upfront near the rope on the right side and have little issues walking thru Asia.. honestly you could crawl at RD and go the longest way around to EE and still have little to no wait. EE at RD is a walk on dream

I agree. I've gone through Dinoland, DI to Asia, and even from Africa, and have never had more than a 1 or 2 minute wait at RD.