Fastest way from HS to Epcot?

Finalizing dining plans to reserve next week. Any advice on fastest way to Epcot from HS? Thanks!

If your ADR is in World Showcase, the boat is the fastest way.

Garden grill

Considering an EMH at HS for TSL and then hopping to Epcot for breakfast…assuming the EMH hours will still be on the same days in July as they are now.

Still isn’t a bad walk from IG to Garden Grill. I guess either bus or boat would get you there in about the same time, depending on arrival time of said conveyance.

We’ve never had park hoppers before. Are there buses that go from park to park?

Yes there are.

I’m not positive that there is a bus from HS to Epcot. Disney website says Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios are connected via boat. Doesn’t say bus. Can anyone confirm or deny a bus between them?

According to this map, there is no bus to link HS to Epcot:

Walk, or boat.

That pretty much means that boat, Lyft, Uber, or driving would be the fastest. :slight_smile:

If it were me, I’d catch a Minnie Van or an Uber/Lyft from DHS to Epcot’s front entrance…

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Ah. You youngins.

Now you’re speaking my language!


ETA: Actually, driving would probably be slower than walking. You’d have to walk out through main gate to parking, drive to other parking, and walk back in. Total walking distance is probably the same or more than just walking between the two!

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Any idea of how long it takes to walk or how long it takes via boat? (I realize wait time for the boat is a variable).

Depending on your pace, probably about 20-25 minutes. Can’t speak to the boat, however. Never done it.

I don’t remember how long it took to get to Epcot on the boat, but didn’t seem too long. It was faster than walking, that’s for sure.

Also, there are less people entering the IG, so it was much faster getting through security and tapping in than going through the main entrance.

Thanks! I’m thinking the boat could be fun.

It takes about 20 minutes to walk to the International Gateway entrance, at a fairly leisurely pace. It’s actually quicker to walk (unless the boat is waiting at the dock when you exit HS) since the boat stops at the Boardwalk, Swan/Dolphin and Yacht/Beach Club before going to Epcot.

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I think the boat is around half an hour - we only ever rode it to the YC/BC stop and that was more like 20. The BW stop is after YC/BC - frankly hopping out and walking from there wouldn’t be a terrible choice as a blend of speed and step saving.

In general I think walking is faster, but if you’re going in July you’ll prefer riding the boat than battling the humidity by walking. Save your legs and ride in style - you’ll have enough walking that’s mandatory…

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This is a very helpful map!!

I vote for walking if you’re up for it, otherwise, Uber. The boat is just too slow, IMHO.

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