Fastest Trip Planning Ever (for us)

My husband is switching jobs so we had to cancel our Disney trip in September. I was bummed out.

We were doing the math and discovered we can squeeze in a trip if we go THIS WEEK. So we got flights, Airbnb and a rental car on Monday and will be in WDW on Thursday. This was the quickest I’ve ever had to plan a WDW vacation. Usually we know months in advance. And now I’m super excited again instead of bummed!!

What was the fastest you had to plan a Disney vacation?


I hope that you have a fabulous time.


I can’t help with the question but keep us posted! Sounds fun. Think of all the spontaneity!

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I just started planning this week for Nov. 3-10 and I am freaking out !!! It will only be my 2nd visit to WDW though (also went once to DL) so maybe eventually I’ll be able to do like you !!!

Have a great trip !


Wow! Enjoy!

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That’s a good question. The shortest that I remember was back in December, 2016, when I found airfare just over 2 weeks before I ended up joining a couple friends for a short trip. That worked out really well, because the price of the flight kept dropping (and with Southwest I could rebook), so I ended up paying $98 roundtrip for airfare. For a price like that, I’ll deal with not having all the FPP or dining reservations I want!


We just booked a trip for just outside of 30 days in advance. We were waiting to close on our first DVC contract, one which has points that will expire on 12/1. Given the kids’ school calendars and activity schedules, combined with my crazy work schedule, the only real chance for us to go and make use of the points was to go over Labor Day. So that is what we are doing!

I will say I have been pleasantly surprised at FPP availability and ADR options. To be fair, we aren’t going to AK so no effort for FOP this time, and we can RD HS for TSL so while SDD and ASS are not available that is no great loss either. At MK we are doing MNSSHP and expect short waits in the 3hr window between admission and party start time (crowd level 1 that day??!!). And at EP we had plenty of options for all the headliners (limited opportunity only resulting from towering) even with a planned noon arrival. as to dining, we were able to get reservations for each of our targeted locations, in the desired time frame: Homecoming, La Hacienda, Hollywood Brown Derby, and Sanaa.

Just 7 days to go!!


Tuesday this week I came very close to going for just this weekend! $120 round trip from Chicago popped up and we considered it but soon realized we’d at most have Saturday at MK only. The price was too steep in the end so it was a brief dream but almost…:grinning:


Congrats on being able to squeeze in the trip!
Last summer we “planned” a trip just 19 days in advance. We had a great time and had great meals–so many ADRs are canceled at the last minute. Completely worth it.