Fastest transport from Dolphin to Magic Kingdom for rope drop?

Since the Dolphin no longer has a direct bus to the MK park entrance, what’s our fastest mode of transport for rope drop?

  1. Take Dolphin bus to TTC, then take monorail to MK park entrance?
  2. Take Lyft or Uber to TTC, then take monorail to MK park entrance?
  3. Walk to Yacht Club, then take YC bus to MK park entrance?

I’d vote for 3. BUT…

In each of the scenarios that involve a bus, please be aware that if the bus line is long enuff to question if you’ll fit, and /or the bus eta is long, you might wanna call that audible and get a rideshare. Remember, just because you want to be part of the rope drop crowd, doesn’t mean that 60 of your closest friends won’t be at the bus stop with the same idea, and they might be there before you.

Is rideshare quicker anyway? Splitting the cost among 3 adults, so the additional cost isn’t an issue.

Rideshare will be a KNOWN pickup time - probably, within 5 minutes, and you KNOW there will be enough room. It pretty much leaves nothing to chance, except the final transport from ttc to MK.

Waiting for the bus can be problematic if you are in a time crunch. Peace of mind can be worth something. Price out a rideshare from wherever to the TTC. You can also have a better estimate of when you should leave your room, since you can assume a rideshare pickup will be 5 minutes vs a Disney bus eta which can sometimes just be…well…NOT 5 minutes, or 5 minutes…until they change it to 20 minutes…until they change it to 25 minutes. It can happen.

I’m an early riser. I’d check the bus ETA (if possible) vs the line, and be very quick to call the Uber audible if needed.

More than likely tho, I’d just order the rideshare as I left my room at Dolphin, and not worry about the bus at all. If you can’t tell, I’ve been burned by the bus a few times. It’s great when it works in your favor, but it STINKS when you are ready to go, and you give yourself an ample cushion, and the bus doesn’t show up anywhere close to “on time,” and it throws your day off.

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We chose #3 from Swan, worked great, quick bus times both days. Didn’t do ride share to parks bc of transfer to MK from ride share drop off at TTC. This would probably negate the time savings of ride share.

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Yacht club bus goes to transportation center, right? Don’t think any bus drops off at MK. We always had more luck taking an Uber. If monorail line is long or it is down, can also walk to poly and take boat


No. Pretty sure busses skip the transportation center. Was the case for us last year from AOA, straight to the park. Our bus somehow got the very front spot and we were the very first people in line at MK. #blessed


Disney World buses go straight to Magic Kingdom. 3rd party buses, ride share and daily parkers go to TTC and have to boat or monorail to MK.


I can’t even picture the bus stop in front of MK, must be towards contemporary ?

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Yes it is. When you walk out of MK you go leftish.

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Guess we’ll have to go next year to verify!


Sounds like a plan! I’m always trying to actively fit in a trip in between the next big planned trip. Doesn’t always work out… but fun trying!

Id Uber to contemporary and walk to mk

This photo should help. The bus area is circled in red. These are only (mostly?) Disney buses, all charter buses including Swan/Dolphin/Reserve go to the TTC.


very helpful. just realizing, we’ve never taken the bus to MK. Have stayed at Wilderness lodge, GF, Poly, and Beach club, but when we stayed at beach club I think we used the minnie vans