Faster to take the skyliner to boat from DHS to Epcot?

Debating between taking the boat vs. skyliner between HS and Epcot. It would be late afternoon in May. Do the boats run often? Are the waits usually long for the skyliner? Is everyone allowed to use it? How long is travel time?

Any other considerations?


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The total travel time on skyliner was around 25-30 minutes in either direction this morning.

I’ve made it faster walking between the two versus the boat.


Last week I took the boat from Epcot to HS one afternoon. It took 25 minutes.
And yes anyone is allowed to use the boats and the Skyliner.

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I’ve done the boat and from what people are reporting it seems about the same, unless you have to aid wait time - in which case walk.

Might be faster to boat from DHS to BC and walk over to IG. Depends on the timing of the boat/skyliner and how fast you walk.

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Based on this, walking will be fastest. Boat will probably be a similar time to skyliner under most circumstances. Boats run about every 20 minutes, so assume a 10 minute wait and 20 minute ride.

I like to look and see if the boat line is long as I exit HS. If it doesn’t turn the corner on the dock, you should make it on the next boat. If the line turns the corner or I see that a boat is just leaving, I walk.

Yeah… we only took the skyliner for the novelty of it. When we realized we were coming back around by Tower of Terror again before we reached Epcot we understood how silly it is to use that as park-to-park transportation.

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