FastCompany article about MyMagic+

Saw the link to this article on We probably all know about this from the customer experience side and the Why has been well reported. But the How behind the rollout is pretty interesting.


Very interesting - thanks for sharing!

Funny, I was just reading a month-old article from the Boston Globe about the same topic.

What I most took away from this was the lack of top down direction on the project. Iger’s style has always been fairly hands off on the day-to-day operations, and lets people do their jobs, but here it seems like no strong leadership caused a lot of these issues because of people protecting their little fiefdoms/

@needaturkeyleg, I’d read the Globe article. They’re actually pretty different from each other. The Globe article was sort of a “If you haven’t been to WDW lately here’s what you need to know” (and I might add it was one of the best regular media articles I’ve seen on the subject). The FastCompany article was the behind-the-doors management perspective on how MyMagic+ came to be.

Sounds like a thoroughly researched and insightful article. I enjoy hearing about the challenges of getting things done within a large corporation and this hints at why we haven’t seen much of what the project initially seemed likely to deliver. I feel even more strongly now that the benefits of the project are and will continually to be mostly from an operational standpoint. I do like the convenience of the band over a traditional hotel room key, but my expectations for the interactivity around the park diminish the more I learn about this project.

Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks, quite interesting.