Ok, This is confusing me and I feel really stupid asking this…

If HS closes at 7 the night I’m going there, but Fantasmic is at 7:30, does that mean there will be no Fantasmic that night?

Nope. Not sure why they do that, but when the park closes early/there is only one fantasmic it seems to occur 30 mins after park closing.

I think this is to ensure that everyone moves to the front of the park before show time. On nights when you don’t have the park closing before the show, you’ll still have people spread all over the park that won’t be seeing the show. This allows Disney to ensure they can clear the park before show time and not have to worry about corralling more people than necessary at the end of the show… the can just block off all other exits and make sure everyone leaves through the exit and not have to worry about trying to scoot guests out of gift shops.

Ok, Great. I was sad that I would not be able to see it! :heart_eyes: