Fast Passes with Free Tickets

We have an upcoming 4 day trip to WDW.

Last year we had some issues at HS, and they gave us free tickets to come back again. The tickets aren’t linked through our upcoming reservation. We bought 3 day tickets, and plan to use the free tickets the day we go to HS.

Can I still book fast passes for all four days? Or will the system only allow me to book 3 days, since I only have the 3 day tickets on my reservation?

I hope this hasn’t been too confusing of a question.

You won’t be able to book the fastpasses for the fourth day until you pick up the free day tickets. We have the same issue, a free day ticket, but we cannot link to MDE until we pick them up. Once we pick them up, we have to use them within 14 days…I emailed about it, and Disney offered to throw in a few “free” fastpasses when we pick them up…you could always contact the person who sent the free tickets (I’m assuming you got an email) and ask…

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Thanks for asking this! We had the an issue last year as well at HS and were issued a free ticket. We want to use it, but I wasn’t sure how it would work with FPP.