Fast Passes + Rider Switch

Hi. I’ve tried to read so much on this and feel that I get different opinions. I’m looking for some help with the rider switch and how to best use it. We have 5 adults (2 sets of parents + Grandma) and 4 kids (5, 3, and two 1 yr olds). For the rides that the babies cannot ride on, should we split our party in 2 groups so only half the adults get FPs for the ride and then the other half use the switch to ride? Or do we ALL need FPs to ride? (Ex: 4 get FP, ride, then give the rider switch to the other 2 of us and we ride. Then, 2 of us can book a different ride using a FP).

This is all so confusing! Thanks for your help!

Yes, theoretically, you should be able to split your party and have half get FP’s for ride 1 and half get FP’s for ride 2 and switch both. If you have babies that are clearly below height it’s a great idea. If you’re banking on kids who are scared, but not too short, that might be a little riskier.

It is a YMMV thing. We split into two groups for fastpasses last fall and it worked great. The guy at SDMT tried to say we all needed fastpasses, but we just went in anyway :woman_shrugging:

The two main attractions with reports of requiring everyone to have a fastpass to use RS are FOP and SDMT based on what I have read.

It should work splitting your group. Have heard FOP and 7DMT may sometimes ask that everyone have FP but we never personally experienced that.

Also I would maybe split the group 3 and 3 since RS pass is good for up to 3 people.

It may be a risk for some attractions but it’s one my group is usually willing to take.