Fast Passes on MNSSHP days

I am trying to change one of my FPP experiences for 10/2. We are attending MNSSHP (not going to the park until 4:00 pm) and one of our FPP is for 2:00 for an experience we no longer need. So I was trying to change the experience and time to after 4:00. But none of the experiences have any times available for after 4:30 pm. I even checked IASW and MP just to see if there were later times for the less popular FPP attractions. Nothing. Any ideas?

I had that trouble when I first made ours for MNSSHP on 10/9 but was able to "modify" after to times from 4:00-7:00pm.

I've heard conflicting answers on this... We are attending on 10/31 and only going to the party. I know that there are no FPP during the party, but I wanted to make one or even two from 4 to 7. Is this possible or do you have to have a park ticket for the day to make these?

We are going to mnsshp 10/17... I made three fpp prior to 7 when the party officially starts! Got a 7dmt at 3:45, pp at 5 and btmrr at 6... Everything else should be very low waits during the party but wanted to jump on those early wink