Fast passes from mobile app?

Does anyone have any more information about this possibility? I’m really, really hoping it’ll roll out before our trip in 32 days.

I was listening to a podcast that was talking about that this article is still the only report. I do not know if that is true.

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It’s rumored to start in April but nothing specific yet.

When? For the love of Walt, when???


I was listening to the MouseChat podcast this morning. They said this was officially announced by Disney? They also said no PH option at this time.

Can you expound on “no PH option”? Does that mean the 4th from the App always has to be at the same park as the first 3? Or does it mean that you have to be onsite at the new park to book a 4th?

The latter would be like a kiosk today while the former would actually be more limiting than kiosks. The follow-up would of course be “If I park hop & book a 4th via kiosk, can I book a 5th via App? Or am I still limited by my first 3?”

And I’m sure the Podcast probably didn’t cover all the details, but I can dream :smile:

I am not quite sure but I think what they were saying is that you could make the 4th in the app for the same park as the 1st 3 if the 4th was in that same park but if you PH you would have to go to the kiosk. I do not know where they got that info and they have been consistently wrong about the ability to make FPs at day 60 for a split stay (they say you cannot do it and many of us have).

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