Fast passes for which park? Half Day at Epcot & Hollywood Studios

On October 27th we will be doing Epcot in the morning at Hollywood Studios in the afternoon. Which park should I use my fast passes for? I think once we use them at Epcot I could schedule some for HS but would all the main rides at HS have maxed out FP by then? If so using FP at which park will benefit me the most? It’s EMH at Epcot and we will be there when the park opens. We only really have to do Frozen and Soarin at Epcot, everything else is time permitting. Thanks for your help!

I would do HS fast passes. Depending on the predicted crowd level, it can be a breeze to accomplish the big ones at Epcot early in the morning. That’s been my experience, anyway.

I always do HS. In Epcot, other than the big three there really isn’t anything you need a FP for but HS has my favorite selections.

The “general wisdom” is to use your FPPs at the second park and use RD to get as much done in the first park as possible.