Fast passes for a group timing question...60 days or 30 days?

I am planning a trip with my family and some relatives. We are staying in the park as well as one other couple. The other couple is staying off property. I need to make fast passes for everyone. I was able to make ADRs 180 days out for everyone no problem. Does anyone have experience trying to book fast passes for split groups like this? Will I be able to book everyone’s fast passes at 60 days out (similar to dining) or will I just be able to book 60 days out for the two groups staying on property and then have to do 30 days for the last couple? Through MDE they have all given me permission to manage everything.

You were able to book dining for everyone at 180 because ANYONE can book at 180 days. On site can book 180+10 and there I do not believe there is a limit to the number of people you can put on your reservation.

For FPP you will only be able to book at 60 days for on site guests. The others who are offsite will have to book at 30 days.

Thank you! Yes I did book 180+10 days for everyone. I thought that was the case with FP and that was why I was strongly encouraging the other family to stay on property. At least we will get the FP we want (and we are the one with the child) :smile:


I recently did this - we have 5 of our family “officially” staying on-site and bought a side ticket for the other (otherwise they wouldn’t let us get a room per the age of the other “kid”).

We were able to get decent fast passes at 60 days and add on the one 30 day without issues. If you need to split rides that helps too:
After a BOG breakfast at 8:05am
We have us 3 girls going to meet princesses (not my thing, but hey it’s for the kids) at 9:10 and 10:15am
The 3 boys will be doing Space Mountain at 9:15am
All meeting up and then snacking and walking over to all do Big Thunder Mountain at 11:25am

So for what we wanted to do it wasn’t too bad to add on the other person at 30 days out.

Thanks! We are going with our almost 4 year old and both sets of grandparent so we will all be trying to stay together. I think we will be fine getting matching fast passes for everything except the new Frozen ride and maybe one or two others. It will be fine.