Fast Passes / Family joins later in the trip

My 60 day mark is this Wednesday for 3 of us. Other family members join us 6 days later.
I will make fast pass reservations for the 3 of us until that mark. Should I wait for the others 60 mark to make the group together or reserve for the three of us and hope to get them a close time?
Any Thoughts

I would make the first 3 and then try to copy the others when that window opens.

Agree with Aunt B. You may also find that you can make all FPP at the earlier date. I could last August when my brother and sister in law were joining me

Thanks for the insight. Were your brother and sister under your reservation or they just had tickets?
The other half of the family has their own reservations.

I thought that if you were friends in MDE that you can get FPP for all including those that aren’t at 60…kind of a bonus for them. Anyway, give it a try and see what happens. Make sure you are all linked up. If you don’t mind, please return to this thread and let us know what happened.

Last year you could. This year the reports are that loophole is no longer working.

I couldn’t make fast pass reservations for the later group. I will have to wait till Tuesday

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You are trying to book their FPP’s from within your MDE account and they have on-site resort reservations and tickets linked up? I was listening to a Backside of Magic Podcast released just yesterday that said this is possible.

Yes but our arrival date is Oct 23 and their arrival date is Oct 29. So we are linked but their ticket dates don’t start until then. I think that’s the issue

Sorry it didn’t work. But, again, this Podcast mentioned [yesteday] that it’s totally possible so I just wanted to make sure we weren’t missing something.

Thank You

Thanks for reporting back!

Backside of Magic Podcast. Episode 21. 25 minutes and 57 seconds into the show.

I will check it out. thanks