Fast Passes Cancelled When Room Only Reservation Cancelled?

I did a similar test. I canceled outside of 30 days. Got the email about cancellation. I made another reservation. Fatspass stayed. Then canceled the 2nd reservation. The 2nd cancellation was inside 30 days. I did not get an email about fast pass cancellation and so far they have not been canceled. I an an AP holder. It was a 1 person fastpass for It’s a Bugs Life.

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That’s always a good source, as they do a lot of testing of the system there.

Of course, as soon as the moderators decide something has been changed and therefore the subject is now agaianst the T&Cs, they’ll close down all further discussion.


When did you cancel?

The recent reports have been in the last two or three days, with FPs cancelled today (or yesterday in one report).

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The 2nd cancellation was on May 2nd 2019.

This drives me crazy. There is always such good info/testing over there, but the shutting down of threads with the good info makes me nuts. Apparently I don’t agree with the morality police making the rules. :laughing:. I love that TP lets us talk about anything and doesn’t feel the need to be the morality police of the internet.


I believe it’s all because the owner of Dreams Unlimited (or whatever the name is) doesn’t want “his forums” to be seen to permit people to discuss breaking the rules.

And yet, it is so hypocritical. For example, DME is meant to be a service for onsite guests travelling from MCO to WDW. The FAQs on the website say that it is not a luggage service for those not using DME. So it’s against the rules to use it as a luggage service, right?

Actually, apparently it’s not. Because the T&Cs don’t say so, and Disney hasn’t yet chucked all luggage belonging to people who take an Uber into the Seven Seas Lagoon. Therefore they can have whole threads about it.

Whereas because they started cancelling FPs, they can’t have people discussing exactly what circumstances cause this to happen.


Now I think my views on booking FPs are fairly clear. But I’m happy to post updates so people can be warned as to what may happen, whilst not liking the fact people try it. I really don’t want to see people get stung once it’s too late. Maybe that’s also being hypocritical though.


Agree with you, their rules make little sense to me and are so hypocritical. Do you know if there have been any changes to this situation:
Real onsite stay booked for 7 nights. Overlapping onsite stay (14 nights) that includes those 7 nights, plus the 7 before them. FPP made 7 days before the real 60 day FPP date. Overlapping reservation cancelled at some point but keep the 7 night with real dates. Will FPP stay, even though were made early?

“Probably” is the best I can say.

Up until the recent reports, it seemed your case wouldn’t have caused those FPs to be deleted.

But if they can track the date that FPs were made, then it’s only a matter of time before they could identify which FPs were made more than 60 days out from an existing reservation.

Seems like this week’s update has resulted in this AP “sweep”. That’s probably a trial run of the logic and code, limited to AP holders to prevent widespread upset. If it works, they can easily change it to include everyone.

And the next step would be to check for FPs made more than 60 days out from any existing reservation.

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Lots of changes, kind of glad I don’t have a trip planned anytime soon.

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Wonder how this will affect the umbrella policy. Will the coding be sophisticated enough to track all the way through the lines to see if the original reservation that isn’t even part of the MDE account still exists.

All I know is that I’m totally regretting having a package. If I had a room-only, I could cancel much later, within the 30 days, and probably be safe. As it stands, I’d lose $200 per package (we have 2 separate reservations to take advantage of deluxe dining). I probably won’t cancel, but I would like the freedom to grab something awesome from Priceline Express or dvc last minute deals. oh well. Lesson learned.

Anyone know if a Disney Springs reservations vs a Disney reservation has any bearing on fastpass cancellations in regards to leading reservations and/or canceled hotel reservations.

I am wondering the same thing. I have overlapping reservations for February. However, my overlap is only a couple extra days. I am renting DVC Points, so it is a safety net, and kids sports schedules may allow for heading there a bit earlier.

I will take advantage of the 180+10 for ADR’s. Not sure about FPP though. I will know schedules, and once I make final deposit for DVC stay will be right at 60 days, so should feel good in that window, but I would hate to show up with no place to stay if something shady happened even though the owner had good references.


Instead of having two reservations…why not just make a reservation for 14 nights, get dining and FPP and then modify to the 7 nights?

Hi All,

New to the forums but been on Lines chat for years.

Am I safe?

I’ll be in the World from 6/8-6/15 and I made fastpasses 74 days out for each day. There are six people in my group.

I have a res from 5/26-6/15 that I want to cancel soon at All-Star Music for 6 people.

I have a real offsite reservation at Wyndham Bonnet Creek 6/8-6/15. I have fastpasses booked for the 8th made 74 days ahead of time.

I also have a real reservation at Beach Club Villas (for 5 of my party of 6) 6/9-6/14.

Do you think:
A. All of my fastpasses are safe?
B. The fastpasses made for the 8th and 15th (days I’m not at The Beach Club) are in danger but fastpasses made for the 9th-14th are safe?
C.None of my fastpasses are safe?
D. Some combination of A/B for the people on the Beach Club reservation but the 6th person’s fastpasses are in danger?
E. Some other thought?


That might work, but we usually rent DVC points so that won’t work with booking a long stay and adjusting it later.

Do you usually rent from the same person? I rented for the 2nd time, but someone new. Feel good about it given references, contract, communication, but still made an overlapping reservation to be safe.

I am hoping the scenario you call out above works, but I may cancel the night before the DVC stay 60 day window, and only book the first couple days of FPP with the overlapping res to be safe.

We rent from DVC Rental Store. They are great to work with.

Wow! What sort of tickets do people have? APs, stand-alone or package tickets?

My gut says if you have APs you could lose some of the FPs, for the days you’re not actually staying at the BC. That’s because of the 7day rule kicking in, plus the DS resorts are also prone to causing issues.

If you have stand-alone tickets, you’re probably OK. There aren’t a flood of reports of people losing FPs, and most of them involve AP holders. But there are the exceptions.

Here is a link to another clear cut case of FPs being cancelled when a room reservation was cancelled within 30 days. (I hope it’s OK to link).

All FPs were cancelled after a warning email. A mixture of AP holders and ordinary 8-day tickets. Deletions happened May 12th.

It seems it would be better to cancel ASAP, delete the FPs yourself and then re-book at 30 days out. At least then you would keep your new FPs.

As always, experiences may differ.