Fast Passes Cancelled When Room Only Reservation Cancelled?

Wondering if anyone has cancelled their room only reservation and actually had their fast passes cancelled too? What about dining reservations?
We stay off site and in the past I have cancelled. I am prepared to throwaway my reservation (pay and not use) if I have to, but wanted to get the current lay of the land. Has Disney started enforcing their new policy? We are going in November but my ADR date is approaching.

Oh this has been happening for a good few weeks for sure! You will lose FPs for any days for which you don’t have an onsite stay.

(There are still a couple of loopholes, however they appear to be trying to work their way through closing loopholes in general, so I wouldn’t bank on them personally. YMMV).

ADRs are available for everyone to book at 180 days out. An onsite stay gives you length of stay (or +10 days whichever is shortest).

Yes, they are cancelling.

Backside of Magic recently reported that some posters on DISboards did actually get their FP’s cancelled, both in the 60-30 day and the 30-0 day windows. However, there’s still a lot of rumors and speculation about why many others are not getting cancelled.

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It doesn’t help that as soon as it was confirmed FPs were being deleted the DIS shut down all discussion, as it was clearly against Disney T&C.

Also for at least some of the time there were all kinds of glitches, so testing started again. And some WS done by liners.

But yes, FPs were cancelled.

Within 30 days, there are conflicting reports.

Outwith 60 days, all FPs were cancelled. Any reports to the contrary were, AFAIK, due to the fact Disney didn’t start cancelling FPs for about 3 weeks after they said they would. From that moment on, I haven’t seen any reports that FPs were intact.

But only FPs for days with no remaining onsite reservations were cancelled.

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What’s the current status on leading reservations? If I cancel only the days I won’t have FP’s…are FP’s being cancelled. I guess I’m trying to say I will have an onsite reservation for the days I have FP’s.

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what is AFAIK?

As far as I know

“But only fast passes with no remaining onsite reservations were cancelled.”
So if I am in WDW 11/3-11/8, do I need onsite hotel reservations for all of those days, or if I keep one day (let’s say 11/7) will it let me keep my fast passes for all the days?

Within 30 days you can have fast passes and be staying off site, whereas between 60-30 an offsite guest wouldn’t be “entitled” to fast passes. That’s why I always cancelled under the 30 days so I’m not surprised those are being treated differently. Would love to hear from anyone who has cancelled within the 30 day period and/or whose FP’s for several days (beyond checkin and checkout) may have stayed in tact with only a one night reservation.

This appears the case that you lose FPPs for any days you aren’t staying in WDW. It’s only fair…too many people gaming the system when others pay for the FPP privilege.


There are still unfair loopholes, where you gain that advantage and then cancel.

But it’s better than nothing. And they might yet close the remaining loopholes; and do it without warning too.

You would lose all FPs for days where you do not have an onsite reservation.

I agree - I also feel bad for people who need those cheaper reservations at FW or the AS resorts. Lots of people just taking up rooms as throwaways.


I think Disney should cancel FPPs if you never check into your WDW resort. This would cut down on throwaways and open up reservations for those that want the least expensive value resorts and will actually stay there. I also have a beef with those who horde ADRs at 180 days never intending to use them. Sure they will eventually cancel some but it screws up the planning for others.


Most people do online check in and never go near the front desk whether it’s a throwaway or not so I’m not sure how that would work. I’m not a fan of ADR hoarding either though.



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There appears to be another development in the implementation of the FP cancellation policy.

I’ve seen reports where an AP holder has had FPs cancelled when cancelling a room within 30 days.

  • booked an onsite resort room
  • booked FPs at 60 days out
  • cancelled the room within the 30 days
  • received an email for every day of his cancelled stay, saying FPs would be deleted
  • FPs were deleted

So they seem to now be doing a sweep of AP holders where FPs booked beyond 30 days have no corresponding onsite stay.

The interesting thing is that the AP holder was the only member of the group to lose their FPs. The rest, with ordinary tickets, kept theirs (so far).

However, if they can track the date FPs were booked for AP holders, they can do it for everyone else.

Another loophole appears to be closed. I would expect further developments before GE opens.


Thanks for the update @Nickysyme. Curious, where are you seeing the reports?

I’m not @Nickysyme but I saw this same report on the DIS boards this morning.