Fast passes being used immediately?

Making plans for a one day trip (school group) in May. I’ve made 2 different plans, and they both have me pulling FP for a ride and then using them immediately. Seems strange. One of my plans also has me pulling FP for ST and then FP for SM first thing. Anyone else?

It is hard to say. I make a TP for each of my trips, however I usually just use them as a guide and do not follow strictly. That being said, I have had the experience where I have seen a 15 minute wait and pulled a fp and used not immediately, but within 5 minutes. If you are doing Maxpass (which I highly recommend), you can pull a fp after you enter the gate. If going in at rd, then you could potential have one all set up and use it immediately, but I don’t advise that. If you are there at rd, I would ride as many rides as possible that do not have fp before the crowds get too high. This might be moot bc you are on a school trip and I am not sure what your schedule will look like.