Fast Passes at MK?

We are going to MK in August for 2 days. It will be myself, my husband, 4 year old boy, and 18 month old boy. I am trying to decide what to fast pass and when I put my touring plans in, it didn’t seem like I needed it for more than 3 attractions. Here are the headliners we want to ride:

  1. 7 dwarfs (just son and my husband)/ Space Mountain (just me)
  2. Peter Pan
  3. Big Thunder Mountain RR (just my husband)

What else should I FP even though it seems unnecessary? We will be doing kid attractions that are non princesses :slight_smile: Thanks

Consider Peter Pan for your 2nd day also - your kids will probably love it, and if not, it’s an easy one to swap out for something else last minute. Also, depending on what your TP dictates, Splash Mountain, Tomorrowland Speedway, and Enchanted Tales with Belle often all develop reasonably long lines and are popular with kids. Have fun!

I’m trying to think what my DS4 enjoyed when we went. If he’s tall enough it might be worth getting him a FP for BTMRR too. Try to get 7DMT first and if he likes that then you could do BTMRR after. Or Barnstormer. He also loved splash and tomorrowland speedway. Another one that springs to mind was buzz. The other things is to use then for the parades if you’re interested in seeing them. We were there before hub construction had finished, but having a fp meant we didn’t have to sit around for ages waiting. I don’t think that TP ever recommends using a FPP for them.

We FPd talking Mickey in MK for one of our 2 days. We also got one for Winnie the Pooh, and PP for both days.

I can’t comment on the “kid factor”, but if either adult would like to ride Splash or SM, those would be good ones to consider.