Fast Passes and Park Hopping

I’m not a novice Disney planner; however, I haven’t hopped all that much. I know this info is here on the forum somewhere, but I’ve already spent 5 min looking for it and can’t find it.

I need to get a FPP Soarin’ in the morning hours, then hop to AK to hopefully get FOP and Kali SDFPP. I need someone to confirm how to do this correctly.

Pre-book FPP Soarin’. Swipe MB and attempt additional SDFPP for FOP and Kali.

Thanks everyone!


Just what you’ve said. Book Soarin. Once you’ve tapped in to use your FP, get on MDE to book for AK. FOP probably won’t be available till a drop time, Kali might or might not be. You can book just Kali if it’s there, or if you are looking at a drop time and they are both there you can book both.


Great, thank you!

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Oh neat! So if you are hopping and have only pre-booked one, you can book two in the second park straight away? Don’t have to wait to tap on the second one to book the third same day even though you are changing parks?

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No you can book 2 at once because they are part of the 3 you are entitled to. After that it’s the normal 1 at a time.

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Awesome - yes that’s what I what I was confirming because we have hoppers for the first time too, and I didn’t know this :slight_smile:

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Stealing this post for a second - sorry - if you’re doing this as you described it doesn’t matter that you are booking a Tier I in Epcot and in AK as part of your day’s first initial 3 FPs?

No tiers don’t apply when you park hop.


How did I not know this?!? We haven’t hopped before but have hoppers for our upcoming July trip so this will be very helpful info! Thanks!


@DeepInTheHeartofTexas just to add a clarifying point for you…

I am prebooking at 60 days Soarin. After I swipe my MB for Soarin’, I’m going to attempt to get Same Day FPP for the other 2 I need. After that, one at a time,

You cannot prebook 3 FPP on day 30 or 60 at more than 1 park.

Good plan! I didn’t know you could do that. Planning to park hop in the same order on our next trip and I think I’ll use that same strategy.

Obviously you can only get what is available at the second park so I’d be prepared for the possibility that you may not be able to get a tier 1 at all!

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This! I think best strategy might be to go ahead and book the three. Then after riding that priority tier one, check availability at the second park to see if desired FPP is available. If it is, confirm and cancel the existing pass. If it isn’t, enjoy the use of the other passes in the meantime while you continue to check and refresh.

Which raises one question… scenario:

Pre-booked FPP #1 - Tier 1 FP in park 1 scheduled for 10:00AM
Pre-booked FPP #2 - Tier 2 FP in park 1 scheduled for 11:00AM
Pre-booked FPP #3 - Tier 2 FP in park 1 scheduled for 12:00PM

Use Tier 1 FP scheduled at 10AM.
Get into MDE, go to book new FPP. Locate desire FPP available in park #2 for 11:30. Click confirm…

I know that if you were only holding Pre-booked FPP #2, this would not be a problem. It would prompt you with a warning that booking the new pass would, in fact, cancel the existing pass and you could proceed. However, I wonder if having pre-booked #3 would get in the way of that.

I don’t know but I think it might.

I would think so too. I think MDE wouldn’t know what to do with that third pass so wouldn’t let the res go through.

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Honestly, i would rope drop Soarin and book Flight of passage. Soarin has a very small wait in standby line early in the morning but by the tiime you get to animal kingdom, the wait time will be crazy.


If it were just me, I would definitely rope drop soarin. But I’m lucky if my family makes it to bag check by 8:45. That’s not early enough IMO.

I have ridden soarin several times, and FOP once. I also plan on FP FOP day 7 of our trip as well. If FOP on my park hop day doesn’t work out, I will survive. I suppose.


Hi there, I’m sorry could you explain in that case why I can’t book at AK NR (there are FPP available) because it says I already booked a FPP for TT at Epcot that same day (we have Park Hopping tix)? Btw my window for FPP opened today (for July 21-28) and already can’t get any of the ‘hot’ FPP!!! :frowning:

You cannot prebook your 3 FPP in more than one park. But on the day of, once you use the TT, toy can book for other parks if the FPP is available.

For any of the hard to get FPP, check the later days of your trip. The first few days can be hard to get FoP or SDD.


OK thanks so much! Will do…