Fast Pass +

If you only book two Fast Pass + for HS, one from Tier 1 and the other from Tier 2, after both FP are complete that day in the park, can you then book another FastPass from EITHER Tier 1 or Tier 2 or will you only be allowed to choose from Tier 2 until 3 selections are made? Thanks!!!

Only from Tier 2 until the third selection is made and used.

The super-ninja trick here is to book the 3rd FPP and then cancel it in the MDE webpage (not the app). Then, when you have used the second FPP you can go to a kiosk and book your 4th FPP for any available attraction.

You could book a FP for a Tier 2 for as early in the day as possible (without interfering with your existing selections) and just not use it - that way the time windows for all three FPs will have expired and you can pick whatever you want for the rest of the day.

Thanks, y’all. Does anyone know if the Rider Swap plus FP trick still works? Essentially, Rider A has FP and Rider B accompanies him to ride with small child. Rider B gets paper Rider Swap back to ride while Rider A gets to use his FP to ride. Then Rider B returns later to ride without ever having to use an FP.

I think the answer is: Yes. Example: We had FPP for Seven Dwarfs Minetrain. The four of us entered via FPP lane. When we got to boarding, my wife and son got on the ride. My daughter and I stepped over to the exit, about 5 feet from the loading line. When my wife & son returned, my son and I got right on the next train, while my wife & daughter left through the exit, then we met them outside. No fuss. No muss. No extra waiting.