Fast Pass+ & Wishes

Can somebody clarify the following advice from the unofficial guide please.

“FastPass+ is also available for Wishes, giving you access to a special viewing area near the Central Plaza in front of Cinderella Castle. We don’t recommend FastPass+, however, since (1) you still need to show up well in advance to claim a good spot and (2) you’re going to wait in avery long line for one of the park’s headliner attractions. You’re better of staking out a decent viewing spot around 20 minutes before the show”.

In Florida, we have experience the Fantasmic show ith special, reserved seating area and in California we experienced a similar show in the “California Park” where we stood in a roped-off designated area if I recall correctly.

What is not so special then about the viewing area in Central Plaza and why are you better off just pitching up circa 20 minutes before and viewing it from a “non-special” area?

I think the main idea they are saying is that by using a FP for Wishes you will end up waiting in a longer line for one of the busier rides and because you can’t use the Wishes FP until late at night your odds of then going to a kiosk to get a 4, or 5, or more FP are not very good.

Personally we used a FP for both Wishes and MSEP previously and really enjoyed having a little extra elbow room. We did it on our arrival day when we didn’t get into the park until fairly late anyways. It’s really a matter of personal preference.

I haven’t used one in the new FP area and there has been some concerns from people about it being a bit more crowded than the old area and some parts of it have the view a bit blocked by lamp posts but I can’t confirm or deny that.

Lake Geneva,
When are you going to WDW? We leave on Sunday and used a FP+, after much deliberation, for both MSEP and Wishes on our last night. We have a 7:15 reservation for BOG, and I am too much of a type-A person to worry about getting a spot to view the fireworks and parade, and I know that my kids will not be able to sit quietly for an hour or more holding a spot. I will gladly report back on whether it was worth it or not when we return - I am still unsure of our decision, but it is certainly too late to change our minds, and we have a second day at MK earlier in the week and are getting on everything we want over the course of the two days, so hopefully I will be happy with my decision in the end. I will let you know!


I believe this advice is from before the new hub area opened up. I did the new FP area in April. I arrived after 9:30. There was plenty of room. Some people sat on the grass throughout. If you need a special view for photos you would have to come earlier.