Fast Pass - We booked @ Dolphin, but switched to renting a house

Hey all,
We originally were going to stay at the Dolphin, but more family is joining our FL trip, so we booked a house as well (off property). I’d already booked our FastPass and I’ve held on to the hotel. Schmucky of me, but I had really great FP picks and I’m nervous to lose them. How do I switch? Call to cancel the hotel and be on the computer at the same time to try to reserve the FP selections we had? Then buy the MagicBands for our trip? Any suggestions welcomed.
TIA, Shana

Once you get inside 30 days for all your days, cancel the hotel. You won’t lose your FPs. And you don’t need magic bands, but if you want them you can buy them all over the parks or at World of Disney, or order from the Disney Store if you want them before you go.


Yep, what @missoverexcited said. Just make sure your last day is within 30 days.


In addition, if you’re flying in, you should be able to purchase MagicBands at the Disney stores at MCO.

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This is all so helpful! Thank you kindly.

We have a PhotoPass and restaurant reservations booked. I thought it made it a lot easier if we had a MagicBand, but after further reading, we can get a card for free instead of the MB? Any recommendations on what you thought was easier? I also thought we each needed a band, but since all our FPs are together, kinda seems like we could just have one MB or card and check in to the reservation and track our photos with one?

(Clearly, I’ve not been in 15+ years!)

When we check in for FPP they check the bands for all four of us, I assume it is the same for the cards.

For PhotoPass they scan only one member of the party. Which is fine if you all stay together for photos. We tend to have members of our party off on their own getting photos, so we all need a band.

And we have met people who prefer the card over the band - its just a personal choice.

They can scan the ticket/card too for photo pass so you don’t need a magic band at all for that. Though tickets don’t pick up the photo on PotC or the videos on 7DMT and ToT.

And yes they will also scan either a ticket or magic band for everyone for FPP, but you don’t all have to have the same so one MB would be fine.

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We stayed offsite a few weeks ago, and the first thing we did upon arrival was go down to Disney Springs to buy magic bands.

I will say we spent $90 on magic bands for each one of us(4) all got something different so each one had a different price.

It was well worth the money!!! When we were literally running from splash to BTMRR to make the end of our FP time it saved me not having to fiddle with a card to scan.
I really think it was the best money I’ve spent in a long time and hopefully we will return within a few years and they will still work when we go back.
It’s so much easier, LOL. I am typically cheap but will pay for convenience sometimes, and this was one of those times.
BTW - someone posted on my thread that they didn’t have any at MCO, but I can’t confirm that.

You can get one but I knew we would split up for rides so that was another reason we chose to have one for everybody.

You can do the World with only cards. The only advantage (in my mind) to the Magic Bands (besides they are handy and always with you) is if you want to get the video from 7DMT. Then at least one person on your trip needs to have a MB. Be aware, that if you are split up, only the person with the MB will be in the video (and anyone around him/her). We bought MBs for the kids, so they would be in the video and DH and I just used our cards. In fact, I was the one who kept all the cards safe, so they were in the pocket of my purse, safely tucked away, but easily accessible.