Fast Pass vs. Regular Line... What do you miss out on?

I’ve been to Disney World several times. Usually I fast pass all the major rides and plenty of the less busy ones as well. I’ve never waited more than 25 mins. for anything (except that 1 time Sorin’ was shut down for a bit). I’m planning my 40th b-day trip Nov-Dec 2021. It’s just my DH and myself this go round, no kiddo’s. I find myself wondering what have I been missing out on by NOT waiting in the regular queue. This trip is a bit more relaxed and I wonder what I’ve sacrificed for short wait times. What are my fellow liners’ thoughts on rides that you miss out on some special stuff if you Fast Pass it. Never too early to plan!

The obvious one is Flight of Passage. I booked Disney After Hours at Animal Kingdom specifically to experience the full standby line. There’s a lot to look at and it’s richly themed. But not worth waiting in multi-hour lines during normal park hours.


IMHO - You miss elements that make passing the time in queue better. However, they aren’t worth the wait on their own. The amount of dollars per minute you spend being there are too precious to be used being in line


The last time I went was for 3 days for cheer comp with DD and I couldn’t get FP for FOP so we skipped AK all together. Visit before, it wasn’t open yet, missed it by 2 weeks! Rope dropping AK this time to do FOP reg line and FP river for PM, night time experience.

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Highlights of the full FOP line:


This makes me wish I were going tomorrow!!!

Peter Pan has an interactive queue. Worth seeing once with a short wait. Not worth waiting too long for.

BTMRR & Expedition Everest is themed but boring.

I fast pass sooo much that I don’t see many rides stand by queues.

Were lucky one yr n fam got to ride EE 4 x’s in less than 1 hr. Lightening shut ride down, we were there when it opened back up but no one else was there. We took time last ride to look at everything in line, letting ppl pass us up. Waited in line for PPF once after rope drop. It was ok.

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Just FYI - I have rope-dropped FOP many times (most recently in March of this year) and they have taken the RD crowd through the FPP line every time. I’m not sure at what time they start directing people through the regular stand-by line (maybe someone else can chime in with the answer to that) but if you are there pre-RD you will probably not see the entire queue.

We are planning to do fop at closing next time. From reports I’ve seen, it should be about 60-90 minute wait with pre-show. Probably a little more time than I’d need to explore the queue but I would really like to see it.

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Hmmmm, maybe ill have to ask a crew member.