Fast Pass+ Tips

Hi! Tonight at midnight is when my FP+ reservation opens up! ... Does anyone have any tips on how to snag what I want? I thought I read something about copying FP+ reservations to others in your party, but don't remember! Any tips would be greatly appreciated! smile

Book a&e first if you want them, then 7dmt, after that parades and wishes. Beyond that other fps ate unlikely to be difficult to get.

Thanks! That's the plan..I'm trying to avoid and FP too late in the day, so that we can start using our rotating Fast Passes ASAP... but if the parade or Wishes spot is worth it, I might consider it.

I did mine last night and had no troubles. I did as @Outer1 said booked A&E first then 7DMT. Only day A&E wasn't available was first day. I also found you let it book your times then you go back in and modify after. We had 10 days and I had no issues updating each to the times that fit outer TP. Good luck smiley

Honestly wouldn't FPP Wishes as that all but guarantees no 4th FPP that day which could result in longer waits throughout the day. Don't think it's worth it especially since you can get a far better view of the Fireworks elsewhere (back by Casey's for example).

I found that getting the exact times you want is rather complicated. One recommendation that helped me was to choose suggested times far away from the ones you actually want for the lower-demand rides. That way you can change them to the times you really do want very easily. If you choose a suggested time that's close to - but not exactly - what you want, then sometimes the overlaps make it hard to adjust. Hmm...that's sounding confusing, maybe an example would help.

Pretend you want 7 dwarfs whenever you can get it, Haunted Mansion at 11 and Peter Pan at 12. MDE suggests 7D at 2, HM at 9:30 and PP at 10:30 or 7D at 2, HM at 3 and PP at 4. It's actually more efficient to choose the second set. Then you can easily change the times for HM and PP to exactly you want. If you choose the first set you'll have to jump through more hoops to get what you want because that 10:30 PP overlaps the time you really want for HM. Does that make sense?

Don't mess around with times on A&E or 7D though! Take the best option they offer as soon as you see it.

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Are FPP the similar to ADRs (180 days), where you can book 60 days out from checkin for the entire length of the trip?

Yes, but you have to have both the room and the tickets linked in MDE to access the entire stay at 60 days.

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I did the Wishes FPP on the 24 hour day and it had plusses and minuses. The BIG plus is that you can show up 15 min prior to show time and get a relatively uncrowded spot with a great view of the castle. The downside is that the view is about 45 degrees off-center, so you get a very skewed view of the fireworks; the are off to the side of the castle, vice overhead.

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Along the same lines, the Illuminations FPP was a total WASTE. The reserved area is not an ideal location (great angle, but 30 feet back from the rail), small, and crowded. And you still have to be there at least 30 min prior to jockey for a "good" spot within the area. I walked past better viewing spots on my way to the FPP location...


Have any AP holders been able to snag any 7DMT at 30 days, or is that just wishful thinking? My window opens soon, I'm hopeful, but realistic 😐

My friend's ressie is linked to ours but when I go into FPP+, it doesn't list her as part of friends & family. There is a message about she hadn't set-up for FPP+ services. What does that mean? Her tickets are there linked. TIA

Just because her reservation is linked to yours, doesn't necessarily mean that her entire party is. Go to "My Family and Friends" in MDE and add her and fer family. Itll ask for the reservation number, and then she has to approve your request to add her party.. Then they should show up in your MDE as well.. And I recommend her linking to your reservation and family as well. I am doing this with a friend now and we are able to make FP and dining reservations for each other.

Do you guys have separate hotel ressies? Are you able to see your friends hotel ressy also when you're all linked/friended?

I'm linked with my 5 friends who will be joining me in November, and I can see all of their reservations, but I can't do anything to them (not that I would want to.) In My Reservations and Tickets it has everything listed for all 6 of us - room reservations, tickets, ADRs that any of us have made. I have noticed that I can't add them to the ADRs I made because I made them for 8 just in case 2 of our other friends join us. MDE won't me fill 6 of the 8 slots, so I'm leaving them blank for now.

She is the only person in her party. We linked reservations, we both can see each other's res & tickets. I made the ADRs for all & she can see them. I will try to reconnect w/ what you said & see if that works. Thanks!