Fast Pass Tickets sold out

I’m just now getting on reservations for Fast Pass’s for our trip in March. We are following the Parents with Tweens touring plan. My question is, if the suggested Fast Pass’s are gone or not available for the suggested times (mornings), what fast passes should we go for? Now I’m confused :). Our just follow the plan listed without fast passes? Help!

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IME - the preconstructed plans are fine, but a personalized plan is way better.

Figure out what your “must-do” attractions are and get those at the best times to fit your personalized TP. (or at least as close at possible - the earlier the better) There are rides that are much harder to get, so you may have to settle for whatever is available.

Do not go to WDW without prebooking your FPP. I see you are booking 30 days in advance. This does limit what you can get as other people, on-site hotel guests, got to book at 60 days in advance.

Here is a website that will help you see what FPP are available on your days.

Evaluate the plan, and then look at which rides have the longest waits in the plan. Try for those for FPs first. Of course, the most in-demand rides likely will have no FPs, so just go down the next highest ride wait and see if there is a FP available for that.

There is no one right away to do it, but that’s one suggested way when you aren’t sure what to get.


Oh, I should add…the general suggestion is to get your FPs early in the day so that you can get same-day FPs in the park…but in practice, that isn’t always practical/possible when you have slim pickings. I think MK is the only park where that advice is somewhat applicable. For the other parks, it seems a majority of all FPs are gone by the time you arrive, so grab what you can, even if it isn’t until 5:00 pm!


IF I book one for 5 pm, am I still able to get FP’s on site for earlier? For example, I see that Big Thunder mountain railroad is only available for FP"s at 5 and later. Should I grab those or just try and get the busiest morning FP’s I can in the same relative area. Sorry, new to this- last time we did this, we just got FP’s on site and didn’t have to plan as much!

Aha! I see I asked and you answered at the same time. Thanks Ryan!

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That’s the million dollar question. Should you risk getting a same-day by getting FPs that don’t save you as much time?

Hard to answer. In MK, maybe. But it kind of depends. If, for example, BTMRR is normally a 90 minute way, but you can get a FP at 5:00 pm for it, you have to worry if you’ll save enough time by getting early-in-the-day FPs where you are saving 10 minutes each. By then, the same-day BTMRR availability is likely gone, and so while you’re saving some time, it would have been better just to have BTMRR as a FP to begin with.

Mostly, once you have your FPs, just don’t second guess yourself. There is a level of gamble to it, and you can’t go, “Oh, look…I should have waited!” Get what you can, saving as much time as you can…but then jsut focus on having fun.


Thanks again. I guess my question is (being very unfamiliar with how this works)…if I book 2 fast passes at 9/10 am and BTMRR at 5, can I get SOME onsite FP’s before that 5 pm time ? Or do I need to use ALL three FP’s before booking a fourth onsite. It is my understanding I can only do three in advance.

Nope. You have to burn through all FPs before you can start scheduling any same-day, which is why getting them earlier in the day is generally good advice…as long as there will be same-day availability by the time you tap into your pre-booked FP.

At HS I was able to get Rockin Roller Coaster and ToT as same day (different days as 4th or 5th) - both were in the evening.
We ended up spending a few evening at HS, just because of the Tier 1 issue at that time.

So you can for more than just MK. But I agree MK is a lot easier.

Along with what Ryan1 said -
Even if you keep that 5pm fastpass, you have the ability to modify it to an earlier time between now and that day while you are in the park. I’d be fairly confident that you should be able to modify it - it might not happen instantaneously, but if you stop trying, it’s guaranteed that you won’t be able to change it.

SO if I was to snag whatever I could at whatever times (based on what the kids want to see), this is better than just getting as many early morning times and gambling on getting on rides kids want to see?

Not sure I understand what you mean here …

But the key tip is to grab the BTRM FPP for 5 PM and work diligently to modify it to an earlier time. That may or may not be possible.

If not, you can try to RD.

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Perhaps, we didn’t test this since we already had 3 FPP for each park. But people’s plans change. I painfully cancelled our 9:45 AM 7DMT FPP at 9 AM that morning when we all felt too much under the weather to get to MK.

There may be SDD in the other parks. We were able to pick up SDD in EPCOT (Soarin’, TT and MS; and there were other Tier 2s) and HS (TOT 2x and ST). We got iasw at MK. There were not SDD the day we were in AK.

It is a gamble, though. I wouldn’t plan on it is all I’m suggesting, if it means sacrificing a FP for later in the day that saves a lot of time. But of course, keep monitoring for opportunities to modify or change, including for same-day FPs.


You know the adage, “A bird in one hand is better than the two in the bush.”

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I think a lot of FP advice is taylored to people who have long(ish) onsite stays. Of course you want to have a 10am FP for the major headliner, but there is little advice on how to make trade offs when that is not an option.

For MK, I would take the earliest FPs that are available for rides that get longer than 50 minutes lines (there are a lot!), because same day availability there is pretty good.

Epcot I would get the earliest tier 1 that I cared about, and get whatever tier 2s are available earlier.

AK, go for the rides you want, try to use the drops (if trying to use the drops, remember to not book Navi or book Navi as the last FP of the day)

I can’t give advice on DHS, I went when the magical everything is Tier 1 policy was in place, which made every FP available.

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I totally agree with everything just had a question about Navi. Do you mean not book it since it’s an easier FPP to get than other attractions?

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No, it is because of AK tier rules and the drop timings.

Same day drops for FOP are at 11:01, 1:01, 3:01 and 5:01. If Navi is the last FP in your day, you can try to modify it to FOP at all drop times, and try to add FOP as an extra after you used all 3. If Navi is your first FP and you use it, then you can’t try for FOP until you use all your pre-booked FPs (and they are probably late, if you book at 30 days).

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Ah I see, makes complete sense. Thanks for clarifying.