Fast Pass Stratgey

I am trying to plan a strategy (if this is even a possibility) for getting FP 60 days out. Is it better to select the most difficult ones first (FOP, SDMT, etc) and not focus on getting all of the FP filled for the same day at the same time. Or is it better to get all of your FP on the same day scheduled. For example I could focus on the day as a whole and get all three reserved during the same selection process. I could also pick one FP at a time based on difficulty of obtaining (FOP day 4, SDMT, day 1) then worry about filling the rest of my FT selections.

Decisions, Decisions.

Get the difficult ones first and then fill in the rest.


Most difficult first. I did a whole weeks worth in less than 1/2 hour as soon as the site went live that day. If you start first thing, they won’t all be gone for the “regular” rides. If you have an outline going in, you want have to spend as much time deciding. Just grab and go. :slight_smile:

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