Fast Pass - Shades of Green Question

Good morning, my wife and two kids and I are staying at the Wilderness Lodge. My father in law and his wife are staying at Shades of Green. If they buy their park tickets in advance can we link their tickets to our tickets and reserve fast passes at the same time? I know Shades of Green is not technically a Disney property so I wasn’t sure if they are allowed to make fast pass reservations during the early Disney resort guest window.

If they are linked to you, I believe you can make FPP for them.

if you link them, pretty sure. we didnt have this exact scenario, but close. had family join us for a day, not staying anywhere. I linked their tickets to mine and was able to get them FPP at our 60 day window.

Shades of Green guests get the 60 day FPP.

That’s true, actually. It is a newish change in the last 6 months :slight_smile:

Yep, I believe it started in Dec. or Jan.

I think it was December, about a month or so before the first of the DS hotels.