Fast Pass Selection Window Confusion

Riddle me this Liners! I have two trips booked this year. The first is November 18 - 24 and the second is December 28-January 2. This morning should be my 60 day window for my December trip; however, I went online last night and tried to book fast passes (just to see if I could) and in fact I could book them! Other members in our December party who aren’t traveling with us in November weren’t able to book. What happened? Is this just a glitch in the system that worked in my favor or could I have been booking fast passes all along for my December trip? I’m so confused!

When you have an onsite stay the window starts extending out from that first stay. It may have opened up the second window early. Are those others linked in your MDE account?

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Yep! All of my resort stays are linked in MDE. I was shocked last night when I was able to get in; and, I couldn’t help but wonder how much earlier I could have booked.

Are all of the others in your party linked? Sometimes the window randomly opens up a day early and no one can figure out why.

If you have an onsite stay the FP window always opens up and extends, one day at a time so 60 days are always open but that does not sound like what is happening here?

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Oops! I misunderstood your initial question. Yes, all members of both the November and December trips are linked to me in MDE. I couldn’t book anything for my December travel companions until this morning, but I was able to book all of my FP last night. Disney magic!

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