Fast Pass selection day- what do you have in front of you?

Help! Our fast pass + selection day is coming up and I want to be organized. I have a poster of what day/park/ADRs/etc. I have a list of my Fastpass wish list with the exact times I hope to get. What else should I have in front of me?

A pen to write down the times you actually get.

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i use pen and paper for this too. i find it more efficient than trying to store the data electronically.

basically, i have a piece of paper with columns -
date, park, ride, time i want, time i get.

other people do it in order of hardest to get FPP. i would only consider this method if I was looking for FOP or a must have 7DMT.

Check the fastpass + availability page

Just something to note what you actually got, although you can check your MDE once done to see everything there

  1. An empty coffee mug that has been filled twice already.

  2. The knowledge that you can change your fp times in the days after if you are diligent.


Times that you cannot get FPP. I see you said you will have your ADRs available, which is good. I usually block off time before/after so that ADRs aren’t rushed for FPP. So if BOG at 1145 then no FPP that start after 1115 or before 1215---- but maybe it’s because I am NOT a functional morning person and don’t want to actually think that early but I need to see the time slot blocked off :wink:

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SFL doesn’t work well on the forum - or on chat to be honest, but it’s worse here I think. But there is s search facility!


Oh ok! Thanks! I’ve bookmarked it.

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