Fast pass reservations

our advance fast pass reservation window opens at midnight - do I really need to stay up or can I wait until the AM? Visiting Dec. 12-18.

Well, ours was for Dec 4-9. We’re MST so I only had to stay up to 10p (the midnight timeframe is EST). Even though I logged in literally as soon as I could, I was unable to get fastpass for meeting Elsa and Anna for any portion of our trip. So I would say that if there is something you are DYING for a fastpass for then yes, you should stay up. The other attractions were pretty easy but we’ve got 2 young children so we weren’t looking for any of the crazy popular ones (minus Elsa and Anna of course).

Thanks - my DD10 wanted to see A&E, I was able to get a FP for our last day!

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Yes, unfortunately you do have to stay up. Especially if you’re shooting for A&E and/or 7DMT! But it’s fun and easy! You’ll be done in about 30 minutes!

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