Fast Pass+ Reservations Nightmare

My FP+ reservation window opened yesterday. At 7 am, I began the process of making reservations. I was shocked to see only 11 people out of my 23 person party listed. I called others in my party with connections to my account, and they could not see all the people in their listing either.

As the FOP passes started to evaporate, I called Disney, and they said that they did a Magical Upgrade this morning, things should get better soon. I told them that does not help me get FOP passes. When Disney tried to get FOP passes for me, they were gone.

I suggested that the problem was a result of letting the hotels from Disney Springs and the club level people have access to the FP+ system. Disney kept telling me that there must be something wrong with my computer, since they can see all my family and friends.

I told them, that I tried my phone, and two other family members at their homes are having the same problem.

After escalating my situation, I was promised a phone call or an return email, but I was not contacted all day yesterday. After sending a letter to Disney, I received a phone call today offering me a free memory maker package, and an extra fast pass that is not good fro FOP or SDD.

I asked if they would tell me what the problem was, and I was told that their website was overloaded by demand. I am a victim of Disney’s Greed.

Wow, 23 people in your party? Hindsight is 20/20, but would it have been a better idea to split it into 2 or 3 groups with separate accounts (I really don’t know, so that is why I’m asking) With that many people, would getting the FPs become much more difficult? Were all 23 on the rest of your reservations (dinner?) I’m sorry this happened to you.

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You’re a victim of the update, it made a right mess and still isn’t completely sorted out. I’m so sorry!

I am sorry this happened to you. Thank you for posting - I’m starting to plan a trip that will most likely will be 9 people but could balloon up to 15 so being forewarned is a good thing.

I am sorry you had this problem. But I have to admit I am relieved I wasn’t the only one having issues yesterday and today.

When doing fast passes you could stagger the times to get everyone on a ride (fast pass 1:00-2:00, 1:10-2:10, 1:20-2:20) gets everyone access at 1:20 till 2:00. Just a reminder. :grinning:

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Most of the time, out of the 23 people listed in my family and friends, I was the only person that showed up in the list of people to choose. It was not that I was trying to make 23 reservations, I could not even make reservations for me, one person. About mid day, I could only see 11 out of 23 people. I had worked out a spreadsheet where the largest group I was going to try and reserve was 6 people. For FOP and SDD, I was breaking the party down to groups of 4.

Disney has over booked, by allowing the Disney Springs hotels, and club level pass purchases, and their system was over loaded…

I was replying to cmmc to help her for her up coming 9-15 people. The club level people get what they get because they pay extra for it. The Disney Springs I feel should not get 60 day, maybe 45. They should get something but not bubble level.

I don’t think that’s correct at all. If you’ve followed along with posts here or chat, or the FP availability data, no one has reported significant issues in getting the FPs they wanted, until yesterday. There were all of sorts of problems. People disappeared, FPs disappeared, people could book multiple Tier 1 FPs, tons of difficult to get FPs opened up.

Unfortunately, your FP date coincided with the day of the system update and you were severely impacted. But really, it’s not that the system is overloaded. It’s that they had a crappy IT release of MDE.


Thanks Joe - I’ve bookmarked your reply!

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FOP and SDD fast passes have become available for July 16th. I nabbed some of them for my group… yay…