Fast Pass Refresh Trick

Here are the highlights of a thread from Chat with good advice regarding how to use the “refresh” trick to see more Fast Pass options.

Refresh trick for FPPs. Can you walk me through step by step please? Click an existing FPP. Click Modify. Select party. Then what?
3:01pm on 4/25/17 by welchfam4

Then option to either change time or change rides comes up. Depending on what you want choose either a new time or a new ride. Both things change each time you refresh. Maybe a ride that hadn’t been available is now there. Or a new time for ride u have.
3:28pm on 4/25/17 by evamarie320

Worked well for us a lot of times in park- mostly trying to bring a 4th fpp earlier eg from 7.30 to 2.30 but takes several times. Doesn’t work every time- but then I was looking for 11 on busy days.
4:06pm on 4/25/17 by hodgtrzm

Thank you! So just back out if you don’t see what you want and go back to it again to see if it changed? Appreciate this valuable info!
5:11pm on 4/25/17 by welchfam4

Just keep modifying and earlier times should become available. It worked great for us over spring break. Ended up getting FP for POC, Splash and BTMR for 3 people in the afternoon/evening. FYI - I did book one person at a time and got rolling FP.
5:27pm on 4/25/17 by momspirit

Yes exactly @welch. We did this last June on crowd level 7 & 8 days for my family of 5 and got exactly what we needed…or super close…each time. Takes a bunch of tris sometimes but you get what you want with persistence.
5:27pm on 4/25/17 by staceyyock

We did this during Feb vacation week. We basically toured by fast pass. Worked great. Road Buzz four times in a row one night while others waited in standby line of 45 minutes. Once we scanned in, I started looking. We walked out and then right back
6:12pm on 4/25/17 by Mbtamass

We had something like 13 fast passes that day at MK.
6:12pm on 4/25/17 by Mbtamass

I assume this is by app. I tried practicing the trick at my desk (in my cubicle…very undisneylike) at work today, and I just didn’t get it.
6:55pm on 4/25/17 by GoofyIsMyHero

Embarrassed to admit that i don’t know how to refresh the page obmde when on my phone
7:00pm on 4/25/17 by cate104

It worked well for us. I hit modify and if I didn’t like what I saw, I would try searching by time. You can slide the time intervals for the time you want. It worked every time for me, but I was also a single rider
7:08pm on 4/25/17 by Disney.Denise

Worked great for us (4ppl) last week. Had rides appear that first said no more fp, and lots of time changes. For me, best way to refresh was to select a new time at top of page, and alternate between 2-3 times.
7:11pm on 4/25/17 by Neverlandian

Worked great in the parks for us last week. I even got exact fea I wanted.
8:32pm on 4/25/17 by FrozenInMa

@neverlandian explains it well. There is no refresh button. But toggling between choices until something you want pops up is a way to refresh your choices.
10:12pm on 4/25/17 by evamarie320

So is this trick used to book a 4th fp?? I’m kind of confused
10:25pm on 4/25/17 by momtwofour

@momtwofour, yes, trick to get a more desirable rolling 4th FPP.
8:02am on 4/26/17 by welchfam4

You can also use it to improve your existing fastpasses (although still can’t make them overlap).
8:15am on 4/26/17 by timwarp



Thank you for doing this…this is great!

Thanks for posting this @evamarie320!

You can bookmark this thread. Then when you log on you click on your icon on the top of the page and click on the bookmark to find the thread you want. Or just use the search to find : FP refresh trip! Isn’t the forum wonderful?

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Thanks so much @PrincipalTinker! I am rarely at a desktop computer and Forum seems clunky on my phone, so I am not used to navigating here.

lol @stu

If I understand this right, essentially what it is saying is to keep going back in the app to look for better times for either existing or new FPP reservations as they appear to open up at random. The list of available FPP reservations “refreshes” each time you select a new time interval to search for. Correct?

Correct @brklinck. The supply of FPP seems to be constantly changing. So you don’t have to settle for what MDE tells you the first time.

Thank you! I didn’t notice the option to bookmark in the forum

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