Fast Pass + Question

I have completed my TP for HS and it only recommends one fast pass. Can this be true?! Should I just book 3 of the most popular rides “just in case”? This is the same for the other parks I am going to. According to the plan, I really shouldn’t need many FP. This makes me a little nervous to put so much faith in this plan. :smile:

Trust it and use the extras for re rides

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I would try and get FPP for the rides that are most important to you.

You can book no fewer than 3 anyway. Whether or not you actually use your FPP is btw MDE, your MB and you.

If you arrive for rope drop, then you can hit all the popular attractions with minimal wait times. I agree with @keithloveswaffles in using FPP for things you think you’ll want to ride more than once.