Fast Pass+ Question

I have booked my 3 FP+ for April 6. My last one should be used by 3 p.m. After that happens I know I can get more FPs. Can I get 3 at a time again or just one at a time?

Obtaining More FastPass+ Reservations In the Parks
Like FastPass+ at the other parks, you can obtain more FastPass+ reservations once you’ve used your first set, or once their reservation times have expired (whichever comes first).
For example, if you have FastPass+ reservations for Toy Story Mania from 9-10AM, Star Tours from 10-11AM, and Tower of Terror from 11AM-12 noon, you can obtain more Fastpasses as soon as you use the Tower of Terror reservation, or 12 noon, whichever comes first. You can use the My Disney Experience app or visit one of the in-park kiosks to make this reservation, and you’ll only be able to make 1 additional reservation at a time. Once you make a reservation, you can get another FastPass+ once you’ve used the previous one (or the reservation time has passed).

Thanks! this is exactly what I was looking for!

Are Fast Pass+ available during evening Extra Magic Hours?

No, whether morning or evening.

So, I understand signing up for individual FP in ONE park once first set of 3 is used. I’d like to know, for Park Hopping purposes, if a FP in a SECOND park can be reserved once first set of 3 is used in original park??

Yes. Once you have used your first three pre-booked FPs, you can book the next at any other park.

Or you need not pre-book three, you can pre-book just one or two. And then after riding (or tapping in) you can book at another park.

And can a FP for another park be a Tier 1 pass (after first set of 3 used in original park)

Yes. Once you park hop, you can book any FP at all.

For the rest of the day you could book just tier 1 rides, if there is availability of course.

Thanks so much- so, to clarify, once first set of 3 FP in one park expire, I can book ANY tier ride in ANY other park BEFORE I ‘hop’ to that park
(When my MK 3 FP are used, I can reserve FP for ToyStory in HS-if available- WHILE STILL IN MK)


Via the app, not the in-park kiosks.