Fast Pass question...time between FP?

My FP day opens next Saturday. I’m getting my list of FP ready to go. Is there an amount of time you have to wait between FP? Like you can’t schedule 2 TS meals less than an hour apart…is the same true for FP?

There’s one instance where we need to be done by noon, so I was hoping to get a 10am, 10:30 and 11am FP for attractions at EP, but wasn’t sure if that was possible.

Thanks! You all have been so helpful in helping me plan our first trip!

Fast passes have an hour window for use, so they would have to be 10-11, 11-12, 12-1. But after you’ve tapped in to use the first one, you can try to modify the second to an earlier time.


Windows can not overlap, so 1hr minimum between FPs.

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Thank you! That’s what I needed to know! Makes so much sense…I’ll try for consecutive windows and try to modify then cancel if we have to. If I do need to cancel one in EP, can I make a third for HS?

Yes you can, and it can be any tier.


Ya’ll are the best! Thank you!

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Yes you can, I did this just over a week ago, got our FPs in AK, then deleted the last two and re-booked one more in DHS and one more in EP. Modifying afterwards also worked pretty well.

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You could make the first one 9-10 and just ride it closer to 10…