Fast pass question for 3/11/17

We are staying in WDW 5/10-5/17 and have purchased a 4 day ticket (1 park per day). I have a plan on which parks on which days I’d like to visit. 5/11 EP, 5/13 AK, 5/15 HS, & 5/16MK. So on day #1 (5/10) we will not be visiting any parks. How will that affect my 60 day out FP selections? Technically my 60 day out window begins this Saturday 3/11 as we will be arriving on 5/10. Also, can I secure FP for more than 4 days even though I only have a 4 day ticket linked to MDE in case we end up switching days down the line? Just curious.

Your window opens based on your arrival date. You can only book 4 days of FPP and with that ticket the system will only allow you to book FPP for one day at each park. You can’t have FPP for more days than you have valid ticket media.

OK thanks AuntB. I’m working on 3/11 but am switching my schedule to a later shift so I can be online to secure the FP’s. 7am I can start right? I read it’s better to use a CPU rather than a phone to secure the FP’s but my phone is faster than my CPU so I’m not sure which to use.

I have done it both ways with no issues. Yep 7am EST for FPP selections.

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