Fast pass plus

The whole fastpass plus has me a bit confused… I am use to the disneyland method of selecting for faspasses the day you are actually in the park. Is that system not available there? Say you want to decide what fastpass you want to get when you actually get there? will there be any available. I am really just use to going with the flow

You can get them on the day either on the app or from a kiosk, but you’ll only get what’s left over, so headliners can be difficult, though certainly not impossible (for most). But you can’t go and pull one like you used to, and still do at DL.

so best to book the main attractions at the 30 day mark?

Your staying off site?


Yes. Book the main attractions at the 30 day mark. You can still book more, one at a time, after you’ve used your first three, so there’s still room for whimsy later in the day.


At 30 days you will have trouble getting some hardliners.

Yes, book what you can at 30 days. You won’t get Flights of Passage but you’ve got a good shot at other headliners unless you’ll be there Xmas week or Spring Break or something.

You can still go ahead and modify times and attractions up to and including on the day if you want to, and subject to availability.

On my last trip at day 59 Safari and Everest were gone at AK. MK you may get lucky if they extend hours but 7DMT will be gone. I used to be able to get Perer Pan day of but sometimes that is gone weeks in advance. In Epcot Frozen Ever After most likely wil be gone as well.

I remember the trouble you had and I still don’t understand why. My family booked at 30 days and for a party of 7, the only thing they couldn’t get was FoP. They had FEA, 7DMT, safari, EE, Peter Pan - lots of tough ones.

Someone reported yesterday at day 60 AK was out if EE and Safari. Labor Day weekend the parks were very busy. I think it goes along with you never know about the crowds these days.

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we are going in april, not spring break and a crowd calender that i looked at has listed it as a good time to go since it is not expected to be super crowded. I have no choice but to do the 30 day booking since we wont be staying onsite. It really didn’t fit into our budget. Ill keep my fingers crossed and see what happens…
so how do people ride those rides if they don’t get advanced fp? standby? at a 3 hour wait? I doubt ill be standing in a 3 hour line. May be making rope drop? I have a feeling that might be a issue for us too since we are coming from california the time zone is three hour difference. I guess we will just do what we can. I want to spend a good amount of time in AK so hopefully we can figure something out!

If you are at the parks early morning you can get so much done! Even Flights of passage can be done but you have to be at AK more than an hour before it opens. They open the gates at around 45 minutes before official opening. Then they move the crowd closer to the attraction after about 15 minutes , and then again 15 minutes later. Finally , they will start walking the crowd through the FP queue. If the park is scheduled to open at 9:00 hundreds of people have finished or are loading FoP. AK is extreme, but EP will walk the crowd in to Spaceship Earth and then they may let you through a few minutes early.

You won’t see very many 3 hour lines! RD will be your best bet, but evenings are also a good time to ride with low waits.